Illamasqua Pure Pigment-Alluvium

I am really getting into pigments lately and I’m going to need a support group for this addiction. I love pigments because if you have a little mad scientist in you they are an entertaining centerpiece for whatever you can think of doing. Alluvium is a beautiful shiny metallic powder in my favorite shade of purple with some glimmering gold and other colors infused up in there! I love using this pigment on my eyes and I even mixed it with some hot pink blush. Talk about giving yourself a glow. I felt a little goddess like that day let me tell ya!

Pure pigments can be used all over and the gold in this shade in particular makes a fantastic highlight. This will not be my last Pure Pigment. I have to see what else they have at my local Sephora. Check these out on your next visit, I doubt you’ll be disappointed. They are $24 each and you get .04 oz. of product.

Besides being beyond beautiful this was one of the easiest metallics that I have ever worked with too. Love this stuff!

Rated A

Disclosure: This item was provided by the company for review!

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