I’m Thinking About Doing a Mini Blog Sale! Read This And Tell Me What You Think…


I go through my stash and organize frequently as I get new things and need to store them. The thing that kind of bothers me about doing a blog sale only a few times a year is that I hate having products sit for a month or two (or more eek!) until I have enough for a large blog sale. I was thinking of doing a mini sale soon or maybe having a blog sale tab (on the blog front page) so you can check when you have time if anything interesting is up for sale that you might like.

I kind of like the idea of doing mini blog sales or having a blog sale tab because the big sales are so much fun but they really are hectic! I am not going to complain much but lets just say I love hearing from 98% of you but the other 2% make me want to throw my laptop through a window. I’ve been accused of crazy things and gotten emails that are too funny/wrong to believe.

Here’s an example of a funny one and a just plain wrong one:


I want both of the Hourglass blushes you have for sale. I’m not paying $25 for each one though. I have been reading your blog and watching your videos for three years and I think you should give them both to me for $25 total. You buy a lot of makeup. It won’t cost you $3.50 to ship it to me either. I looked it up and it should cost you a little over $2. So invoice me for $27 thanks!


Crystal-What do you mean the Hourglass blushes are gone? I emailed you as quick as I could! I’m sorry but I don’t believe you had the blushes up for sale really. I think you just wanted to get people excited and I doubt you’ll sell anything else. I don’t like any of the other stuff you have for sale. I won’t be reading your blog anymore because I think it’s messed up to lie like you did.

Interesting isn’t it?! So let me know what you think would work best. A mini sale or a page added to the blog that you can check. I think with option two it might be easier for me but I want to know what you think!

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  1. kica says

    First of all those comments left me speechless!! I could never seriously blog, because because those village idiots would make me cuss them out. Secondly, I love the idea of the both a blog sale tab and mini blog sales.

  2. Darlene says

    I like the tab because you could list stuff a little at a time and not to mention the people who would check your blog regular to see what your selling. They might actually enjoy the visit. I would if money weren’t so tight right now. Love your channel and blog.

  3. Lindsay says

    I personally like when people have an ongoing blog sale page. Sometimes I can’t make it to a computer in time whenever there’s a scheduled blog sale. Also, I like having a little more time to think about some items rather than hastily trying to send a request email before everyone else.

    • says

      Thank you so much. I think a more laid back approach will take the pressure off! It’s so much pressure making decisions so fast during a regular sale the way things have been.

  4. cca says

    I like the idea of blog sale tab on your site. I cant seem to get to the computer fast enough for the blog sale either.
    Thanks for offering the sale.

    love your blog and channel.

  5. TraciB says

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me those comments weren’t real (I know they are…**sigh**). Anywho.. I would appreciate a separate tab! ((Also, did I hear you mention on a recent vlog that you sell items on eBay as well? (I could have been hearing things…))

    • says

      Yes you heard right. I sell some of the higher end limited edition stuff on eBay. I like selling stuff here at a lower price but the LE stuff on eBay isn’t priced low!

  6. destine2grow says

    I love the idea of the blog tab! I am sorry people are crazy! I have purchase many items from you and there have been Items I really wanted and I was to slow. I just can’t get over people accusing you of no telling it or telling you how much you should sale it for. I am too transparent and would say I guess she doesn’t want it and not respond. You have always been very polite and sweet to me and I will continue to purchase from you. What ever you decide is cool with me.

    • says

      Thank you! I try not to be offended but it’s kinda hard when someone calls ya a liar! Its silly though because what would be the advantage of lying about a product in a blog sale? I don’t think things out in that way at all. Thank you so much for being so supportive. You have always been kind to me as well and I appreciate it!

  7. Toni says

    Add a blog sale tab! It gives people the chance to shop at their leisure and I am sure it would be less hectic for you. Maybe you could also do periodic mini sales when you have a sudden influx of items you’d like to sell in a short period of time.

    Umm…I can’t believe people actually emailed you saying crap like that. Like others have already said, I don’t think I’d have the patience for it. I would like to begin blogging and maybe YouTubing (again), but it’s scary because trolling and Internet thuggin’ are real! Lol..hats off to you for handling it so well. :)

  8. Meg says

    Love the sale tab idea. Btw~loved the “lippies” that I got from your last blog sale. Sorry about the rude folk of the world. I just don’t get it!!

  9. Sharron says

    OMG!!! People are really crazy Crystal. I really enjoy your sales. Whatever you decide I will participate . I AMA makeup Crackhead

  10. Janelle McBride says

    Crystal: Holy smokes, people are un-be-leeeevable! Rolling eyes emoticon…. Whatever works best for you is fine with me. A tab sounds great for both you and us, but I’m grateful for either option, so do what is best for you. Ignore the nattering nabobs of negativity… Give Max a bone and a hug for me! And love, love love your sunroom. It rocks. Thanks, JDM p.s. I am sooooo excited for Lorac’s Mega Pro. Are you planning on getting it???

  11. Daphnee says

    Blog sale tab is an excellent idea. You can update it as often as you like & not have to accumulate so much for sporadic blog sales. The person who sent you that message is BOLD & RUDE.

  12. Tina says

    People are really feeling entitled and bold, huh?!! To the people who sent those emails, go sit in the corner and come out when you are ready to be nice.

    Anyway. Whatever makes things less hectic is the best way, Crystal. A sale tab sounds like a great idea!

  13. Devin says

    I am one for the ongoing tag. I am away most weekends and get back late Sundays when its over. I just want to commend you on all you do. I am so glad to have found a lovely chocolate sister to show all the pretty and the not so pretty things that are out there.

  14. Kay says

    SMH at some people’s sense of entitlement. The blog sales move rather quickly so I can imagine how stressful it might be with all the emails that you receive. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to buy things that I wanted, and I’ve been very happy with each of my purchases. No matter what you decide I’m sure I will buy something else that I will love and enjoy using. Thank you for having great blog sales, and if you don’t mind, can you list your ebay name? I would love to see (and more than likely buy) more of your great selections.

  15. ada says

    Sorry my comment got cut
    I remember i emailed you about helping me with some ulta order because i live in Canada and you explained why you can’t which I understood. Some people tho, the nerves wow. Im speechless

    Anyway, i love the blog sale tab idea, please do it!

  16. Alle says

    I like the idea of the Blog Sale Tab too. I love your blog and your Youtube channel! Watching your channel and reading your blog has made me go poor! You always look so beautiful and put together.

    Don’t mind those crazy people! I hate people like that who ruin it for the rest of us!

    Keep going what you are doing! =))))))

  17. Erica says

    Wow.. don’t take that stuff personally. Some people don’t have a single brain cell in their heads. How rude. You’re awesome and I love your idea!

  18. CD says

    The nerve of some folks! Really, you should tell that person to find someone that will take offers instead of setting prices. The nerve of that person. Some folks are such butt holes. Why should you take a loss? You paid full price, right? Please, Bye Felicia!

  19. dino says

    OMG!! Those comments just made my blood boil! How ridiculous is that? I have participated in your blog sales a few times and I ALWAYS think the items are priced well below what they are worth. I live in Canada and everything is expensive here so I look forward to the blog sales AND I noticed that the shipping is always more expensive than what you asked for and you still sent the items without additional charges! Anyway, I like both ideas for the sale but prefer the blog tab. I am always visiting your blog so it works for me. A big thank you to you for trying to help us!!

  20. Tiffany says

    I wish I could say I was shocked reading those emails, but people are crazy, and, as someone else said, so entitled. I have such a temper and and would have had to walk away from the keyboard reading that before I cussed her out, to be honest lol. We own a chain of stores and thankfully the work I do for our business is from home, because girllll . . . I truly cherish our staff who deal with the public all day long–the majority of customers are fabulous, but the crazies are BOLD.

    As for the blog sale tab, that sounds awesome! It seems like it would be less stressful for you.

  21. K. WaLlace says

    I’m new to your blog and I’ve seen your previous blog sale post. I’m ready to feed my product junky habits.

  22. DiaNe berry says

    Hi Crystal that blog sale tab would be great. I have bought several items in the past from you and have never been disappointed. Please continue being who you are. People who have negative things to say are miserable themselves and hate to see anyone else enjoying their lives.

  23. Aisha says

    The NERVE of people. Oh my goodness!!! I am glad that you have a sense of humor because quite frankly some people need to be virtually slapped for sending emails like that! But anyways I think a sale tab would be great.

  24. J Holmes says

    Wow. Just Wow. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought people to be so absolutely ridiculous. Please ignore the crazies. You have many fans who love and appreciate all that you do.

    But I love the idea of blog sale tab. Because I know that I am quick on the emails, but these folks out here are lightening fast. This may give me a better chance at snatching up the things I want. #TeamTab

  25. angela says

    YESSSSS, I would love for you to do a mini haul. Also, I love the idea of a Haul Sale tab. Lastly, diregard the negative emails, like you said it is a small percent, enough to laugh off, lol.

  26. says

    that first email had me laughing so hard my daugther asked me what was wrong. I too vote for the blog sale tab, I’m always super interested in the sales, and but I’m always too slow! Please keep at it, I love your blog and your youtube!

  27. Paige says

    I think option two would be great so then people could just take a look when ever they wanted…plus you wouldn’t have to bro brushed with a bizzilion orders all at one time…also those comments were very interesting and not in a good way, people can be so rude and ridiculous

  28. Annie S. says

    I must have missed something because I didn’t know that you were ebay (letting us set our own prices for your blog sales) or running some kind of store (you have enough of every item for everybody). Although I have never participated in your blog sales because I am not near a computer on Sunday, your blog sale rules seem pretty clear to me.

    I would love it if you had a blog sale tab or a mini blog sale from time to time. Please don’t let the 2% of your readership drive you crazy. There are those of us who appreciate all the time and effort that you (and your husband, your Mom and even Max!) put in to your blog and videos.

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