The line was loooong!

The doors opened at 8:30am






How beautiful is Ashley!!!


It was so nice to meet you!







I almost passed out NIKKIETUTORIALS!!

She was next to me in line!!

That’s a Beautyblender in her hand:)






Met another beautiful subbie at the EyeKandy booth!

Her name is Shae:)

I love her jacket and she’s so pretty!






Beautiful Youtuber with GORGEOUS HAIR!

I want her HAIR!

So nice to meet you!




It was so nice to meet and shop with everyone. I really want to say thanks to everyone for showing so much love and support. It was so great to meet and take pics with all of you.

I was so starstruck when I saw all the people who’s video’s that I watch. So many Youtubers were there. I saw queenofblendingmua, enkoremakeup, julieg713, and some others. It’s funny because when you see someone you watch it’s so exciting! I was trying not to point but my husband was laughing at me because I was so excited:) I said the stupidest things….when I saw nikkitutorials next to me (she is REALLY TALL) I said “oh my god you’re an amazon!”. My husband was ready to pass out. I just couldn’t help it. To make matters worse I said ” you don’t look that tall on your video’s”. Yeah I am not that smooth am I???? LOL. She was so great though. She was so funny and sweet. Just like in her videos!  She was nice enough to come down to 5 ft tall land to take a picture with me. What a nice girl!

I got lots of great makeup at IMATS, more on that to come! Epic haul is coming UP!

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  1. says

    Cant wait to see your haul.. I will be attending IMATS pasadena and im so excited.. If theres any tips and advice you can give me I would really appreciate it since its going to be my first time. Did you travel to NYC or you live close by?

    • says

      You are going to have the BEST time! The discounts were great. That was my favorite part. For example OCC Lip Tars are $12or$13 regularly and they were $10 each at IMATS. Everyone had discount pricing and if you want anything from INGLOT go there first like when they open. They had the biggest line and people waited FOREVER to get near their booth. We got there before the doors opened and shopping was not too crazy but two hrs after the place opened it was hard to walk around. Getting there early was best for us. Some of the vendors took cash only like Miss Adoro lashes. Thank goodness my husband brought some cash. And many booths ran out of stock because things were selling fast. The place was small though and they sold out so maybe California will be better space wise. I hope that helps:) I live not too far from NYC so it wasn’t bad.

  2. xdelice says

    AAAHHHHH THAT MUST HAVE BEEN SOMUCH FUN!!!!!! i m going over to see the haul right now!!! girl sooo nice to see the faces of our fellow youtuber the day seemed like pure fun!!! kisses my beautiful!!! hope i can see you next year lol kisses!

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