Inglot AMC Lip Gloss Part 2: Shades #543 & #544

This is AMC lip gloss #543. I can’t figure these AMC colors out. It’s so funny they never look like you think they will. This one is orange up close. I really like it. It’s moisturizing and only up close does it take on a kind of glowy orange tint. You can see it around the edge of my lips-I wasn’t going to use this picture but it’s the only one that kind of shows that tint along the top edge of my upper lip. It’s hard to capture the tint in a picture.

I love #544! It’s so beautiful! It looks a little redish pink. I can’t decide which I love better number #541 or this one. You can order from Inglot online at and the AMC lip glosses are $15 each.

There are only two more AMC lip gloss shades. I’ll get the last pictures of my little series out in the next couple of days.

Happy Friday! Let me know if you like either shade, so far you guys love #542.

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