I’ve Got My Crazy Makeup Eyes On…

It’s time again to talk about my (and your) makeup crazy. I know your a little bit crazy too…your here aren’t ya? I’ll show you what is on my radar and let me know if there is anything on yours. We can agonize as well as plot and plan together.

picture from Specktra.net

The online (only) release is on 6/6 for this Mac Riri collection.

The lipsticks are $15, blush duo $26, and lustre drops $20.

I’ve been eyeing this set on Sephora.com!

The Bare Minerals Dare to Wear Gold Set, $49 (Item 1497452) cause I love GOLD.

I love Kat Von D makeup. Look at this Kat Von D Glam Rock Set (Item 1496041) from Sephora.

Umm need it!

picture from Beauty Booty 411

Dior creme blushes w/matching polishes!

The blushes are $30 each so I have some careful decision making to do!

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  1. Africanorchid says

    Oh Boy. Here we go again. LOL. Love it. :-D Hope i am fast enough on the trigger to score sone Riri lippies!

  2. says

    LOL! Agonize and plot! I’m all over the place *sigh* Not sure if I want anything from the new Riri stuff. I have my eye on the same BE set plus some of their other spring sets. That Glam Rock set is an awesome deal. I haven’t tried Kat Von D other than her lipsticks.

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