I’ve Got My Eye On…..

Here are a few things I’m thinking about checking out next month. As always let me know if you have swatched or tested out any of these things, I’d love to know!















Lancome Rouge in Love Lipstick ($25)- I saw a display of these lipsticks from Lancome in Neiman’s yesterday and I love the colors! So many choices and so many beautiful reds:)











Diorshow New Look Mascara ($28.50)- The mascara wand on this new Dior mascara has me curious. I’m a big fan of big fat wands, lots of volume, and lets face it I’m a new mascara release sucker. When you advertise that you’ve got a “lash amplifier” and ” lash multiplying effect” I’m gonna need to see it pronto….











YSL Rouge Pur Couture ($32)- There are twenty colors and I really want to try at least one! This is a long wearing glossy stain. I don’t have anything like that but if it means less touch ups I’d love to try it!










Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation ($34)- There are nine shades and I’m not sure the one to the far right (pictured above) will fit me but I’m curious! This is not a great fit for my skin type I suspect but I’d love to try it out.

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  1. says

    I”ve tried the Rouge in Love and they are AMAZING! They feel great on the lips, the 3 colors I got were midnight rose, fiery attitude and lasting kiss. The YSL glossy stains i’ve only tried once, can’t really say much about it yet cause I was soo excited to try it on when I got it that I totally forgot to prep my lips first lol, I got the shade 16, very nice purple pink, thinking about going in to get the red color and maybe a nude. I should have a post soon when I get better, been sick for almost 2 weeks now :(

  2. JenJ says

    I ordered the Benefit foundation from HSN before it launched in stores. I ordered the 2 deepest shades. Yeeeeea it was a no go. Sent them back. I was soooo bummed because I was excited to try it. The second to deepest shade was too light and the deepest shade had a red undertone. This is why I’m leery to try other foundations outside of Bobbi Brown and Bare Minerals.

    • says

      Oh boy, I’m really sorry to hear that! I saw one of the on air presentations and I got so excited but I didn’t order cause I was worried about the color match. The deepest shade doesn’t look like a fit but I hope to see it at Ulta or Sephora so I can swatch it. Thanks for letting me know!

      • JenJ says

        They get ya with those presentations. Deep down I knew it was going to work. I shop with HSN often and was fine trying out with their return policy. You live and you learn lol!

  3. shontay says

    I have 2 of the Lancome lipsticks and 2 of the YSL lip stains. The Lancome lipsticks are lovely. They’re actually my first products from the brand ever. I got 2 coral shades. They are comfortable on the lips, extremely pigmented and last a long time

    The YSL stains are my favorite, by far. They feel wet going on, the applicator gives you a good amount of product. It dries down just a tad and it gives a glossy look. It never feels dry or tight. I have to say it isn’t much of a stain, though. It stains the tiniest bit, but it’s not the definition of a stain that we all think of when we hear that word. A+ though.

    • says

      I’m so glad you let me know you liked the lancome lipsticks and the ysl stains! I was going to skip the Lancome lipsticks until seeing them in person. I swatched a few and was so excited about the colors. The YSL stains I really wanted to know more about and you answered my question about whether they dried funny or felt strange on the lips.

      • Stacie says

        Maybelline just came out with a dupe of the YSL stains. I think they are called like the 10 hour glossy stains or something. I bought 2 of them in the two lightest colors. I’m SUPER fair, so most of the colors would look kind of clownish on me, I think. I was really surprised at how fantastic they are! They go on wet and dry down a bit to a semi-glossy stain. It didn’t last 10 hours like they claim, but they did last a good 5 or 6. They might be something to try, seeing as they are like 6 bucks to see if you like them before splurging on the YSL. AND they have a super bright coral I think you would LOVE!

  4. says

    That YSL lipstain is super gorgeous and I always love a lippie where there is little to no touchups. It just makes life so much simplier when You don’t have to worry if you’ve left the last of your lipstick on the glass and you’re running around full faced and bare lipped.

    Looks like this Spring is going to be full of makeup goodies.

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