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I need lip balm daily. It’s a fact. I always have some type of clear gloss or lip treatment product on my lips nightly for sure and sometimes during the day. I heard a lot about the healing powers of Jack Black Lip Balm for months and I finally got up the nerve to try it.

Some of the products that I use and love are Mac’s Lip Conditioner and Nivea A Kiss of Moisture (review here) these are my go to lip savers. I use and experiment with a lot of lipstick and lip gloss. The funny thing about that is that I have seriously sensitive lips. It doesn’t take much for them to puff up and react to a mystery ingredient that I have yet to figure out sets them off. There are a few brands that are safe for me but whenever I try a new brand or formula I always cross my fingers that there won’t be a reaction.

I really heard great things about this balm and it was good but I don’t think it did anything special for me. The moisture content is great, it really healed my sometimes sore lips at night. It kept my lips nice and smooth on days that I skipped lip gloss and lipstick all together. But that’s kind of expected. I think the scents/flavors are nice and subtle which is good. I hate overpowering or heavily scented  lip balms. I also think a little of this product goes a long way which is good because its kind of pricey compared to a lot of balms on the market.  Overall I will enjoy these tubes of Jack Black Lip Balm but I don’t think that I will repurchase.

There is a special two pack of these lip balms available at Sephora now for $10 if you’d like to test this out yourself or if you’re a fan of this balm.

Rated B-

Disclosure: I purchased this item myself!

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