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I really like this perfume. I wanted to write it off as just another celeb scent. Some are good, most in my experience are bad! But I have been surprised before. I loved Beyonce’s Heat. I didn’t buy it, but I respect it. Good stuff. And Sarah Jessica Parker perfumes are great too. I have Lovely and I think Covet smells great.

This perfume from Jennifer Aniston is just the right mix of flowers with freshness. I have quite a few of the Clean Fragrances. They are the ultimate in fresh scent’s in my opinion. I just love them because so many of them just smell fresh and well…CLEAN. I mean if you want to smell like you just stepped out of a shower all day, check them out. And it’s hard to overdo it with their perfumes like so many others. Being trapped in an elevator with a big fan of Tom Ford’s Black Orchid for example. Have you ever been about to say to someone that you love that fragrance and you stop before the words come out because they reek of the scent and they should be banned from wearing it? Yeah, those people should only be allowed to have Clean fragrances.

Back to this perfume:) It’s got some of my favorites violet, jasmine, citrus, and lily in it. And some sandalwood but not too much musk. I have sampled this a few times recently in my local Sephora. I just keep coming back to it. I got a little .05 oz. sample of it from a recent Sephora online order. I am going to put this on my list of must get’s perfume wise. It’s a stand out for me when it comes to celeb fragrances.



1 oz. $39

1.7 oz. $55

2.9 oz. $70




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    Jennifer Aniston perfume is one of the best perfume in the market.It has a special fragrance that makes it quite different.It also less costly than the others.It is very suitable for all types of women.I use a lot of perfume among them Jennifer Aniston is the best one without any confusion.Which can be better than that?

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