Jordana Powder Blushes-Apple Cheeks, Cinnamon Spice, Pink Beauty, and Terracotta Treasure (Quick Swatches!!)

Jordana Powder Blushes, $2.49 at Cherry Culture

I heard about new blush shades from Jordana and got really excited. People have been telling me that the blushes from the brand were really pigmented. Months ago I checked out the colors at my local Kmart and saw one color I liked but didn’t pick it up. Then more blushes came out so I waited..and they haven’t come to Kmart. So I ordered! I love Cherry Culture and order from them often. They have some great brands available like NYX, Milani, and several others. It’s a great place to order if your local stores aren’t doing it for you and they have sales often. I usually pick up Jordana products at Kmart or Walgreens.

Jordana blushes are soooo pigmented. They have great colors and they go on beautifully. Love em! I got four from Cherry Culture during a 20% off sale. Can you believe that $2.49 and then 20% off that….WOWZA! I couldn’t have loved/used these more. They are amazing. Get these. Now. There are brush dents in the pictures (sorry) but I had to start using them. They were calling me! I used them all. I mixed them all. The results were fantastic. Now there are three other shades I want…ha!

So lets look at some swatches! Click on a picture to make it bigger.








Apple Cheeks and Cinnamon Spice
















Pink Beauty and Terracotta Treasure









I can’t recommend these more. Pick them up y’all. The old shades or the new ones. Go get em!

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