Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain-Cranberry Crush #06 Helps My Sore Lips









Jordana Twist & Shine Balm Stain-Cranberry Crush #06, $2.99 at Walgreens

Notice anything? My lips are really sore! Most of the peeling is over thank goodness but there is still a little flaky thang going on. I did want to show you this post though regardless sore lip pics and all because I love using Jordana Twist & Shines even when my lips are going through a little something. They are moisturizing enough to keep my lips comfortable but also give this girl some color!

Cranberry Crush is a really pretty berry shade. It’s just deep enough to be perfect for this time of year. At $3 its a steal in my opinion. There are a lot of balms out there but this is one of the lowest priced yet best performing ones. There isn’t any smell or taste to this I do touch up a few times a day though. After big meals and I huge coffee lets say. I do love the staining effect. It’s not overly dramatic just a nice wash of color. Twist & Shines are perfect to pop into your purse for touch ups on the go.

Have you come across these at the drugstore? I have two more shades so I’ll post more on those colors if you like. These are too good to pass up!

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  1. says

    You know, the cold weather is sumfin else! You gotta buff gently twice a day and apply your favorite lip moisturizer. My personal faves are Carmex Cherry and Chapstick. I know a scrub from Beija Flor Naturals Agave Aloe Polisher. You can use it on your face as well but I use it for my lips more . But anyways, I love Jordana Twist & Shine balm! I have the color Rock n Rouge.

  2. Heather USA says

    The only 1 of these I have is Nude Chic, now don’t get it twisted I’m NOT a fan of glittery lips lol but I’ve an odd love for this one.

  3. Nikole says

    I picked up Honey Love and totally forgot about it. I pulled it out recently and love it. Please show the other colors so I’ll know which ones to pick up. I’m definitely going to get cranberry crush now that I’ve seen this post.

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