Joy by Jean Patou

This is a beautiful fragrance. It’s one of the special ones in my small perfume collection. I coveted this fragrance for years and finally I got it last December. It was such a great purchase because it was on my honeymoon! We ok to be honest I went a little nuts in one of those fantastic perfume heaven type spots on an island. You know the ones where everything is 20% off or more and between the heady scents and the blazing sun you kind of loose it and buy way more than you should? That’s where I picked this up.

It’s way too expensive. But until now I never knew why. I did a little research and my God these little bottles are full of expensive stuff! Joy was created in 1929, according to Wikipedia in reaction to the Wall Street crash. It was created for Jean Patou’s design house because so many women couldn’t afford expensive clothes anymore due to the financial problems the country was facing after the crash. Ok so back to why it’s so expensive…its a combination of jasmine and rose. To be exact 10,000 jasmine flowers and 28 dozen roses per 30ml’s of perfume. WOW! There are some other flowers included in the scent but so many that its hard to identify at least to my untrained nose.

In 2003 a scent for younger women was created by the house of Jean Patou called En Joy. I am going to be on the lookout for it, I’d love to smell it!

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