(Closed)Just Because It’s Sunday Giveaway (FB & Google Friends)

I put together a little Spring/Summer set of fun bright lip and nail colors for one lucky winner. I love this time of year because I love all the pretty pinks and coral shades that are everywhere.

Up for grabs are two NYX lipsticks in the shades Fusion and Chloe. The Joya lip glosses are called Crystal Pink and Pink Booty!!! Love those names lol. The Revlon nail polishes are Craving Coral and Electric Pink.

Check out the rules and enter to win!

Giveaway ends on June 26th!


1-The winner will be a Facebook friend or Google Friend so Like Us on Facebook if you haven’t already-you can do that on the right side of this website. We are on Facebook as crystalis007.com.

OR you can be a Google Connect Friend that’s on the front right side of the site also under the YouTube video box-if there is an error message type in www.crystalis007.com again in your browser. A fresh page usually gets rid of that error message.

2-Comment/Leave a Reply on this post ONCE and let me know what makeup or cosmetics item you have your eye on right now. What are you looking to buy in the next month or so? I need some giveaway prize ideas. Let me know what you’d like to win in a giveaway.

Make sure you leave the best email address to reach you at in the Mail: Will not be published/required area. Ok? Only I can see your email address if you put it in that area.

3-One entry per person, international readers welcome. I have to mail this to you, only enter if that’s ok!

I’ll contact the winner on June 27th by email or Facebook privately!

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  1. says

    I don’t have any make up on my eye. All I have on is my sheer elf blemish powder. I’m looking to buy the elf zit zapper next!

  2. juliette cartwright says

    Make Up Acdemy Eyeshadow in Shade 5 Pearl and Shade 7 Pearl on the outer V and Crease of my Eye! I am looking to buy some of the Make Up Acdemy Pro Eyeshadow Palettes and I would love to win some Jelly Pong Pong or Mua Pro Prizes in future Giveaways! x

  3. Swetha C says

    Heyyy I’m currently wearing perversion eye liner by Urban Decay and Rubenesque paint pot. I am definitely looking forward to buying some stuff from MAC’s semi precious collection =D I would love if you could have some giveaways for that :) Thanks so much!

  4. Colleen B says

    i looking to buy a good bronzer for the summer.

    i follow via GFC; collifornia
    i follow via FB; colleen b

    holliister at gmail dot com

  5. Jessica says

    At the moment I am loving Revlon and No7 stuff for my eyes! LOVE them :)
    But I love Costal Scents pallets and hopefully I will be getting their nude one in the coming months :) <3

  6. Priscilla says

    With summer coming up I am saving up for an Urban Decay De-Slick. I’ve heard it works great on oily skin, and in the summer my face definitely needs some mattifying power.

  7. Melany says

    The cosmetic item I most want right now is Urban Decay’s “Roller Girl” palette. The colors are gorgeous & the packaging is just awesome!

    *I like you on Facebook!*

  8. seyma says

    right now i´m wearing the too faced naked eye eye shadows ^^ and i wannted buy a revlon nail polish :D haha irony of destiny .. u´ll give it away …

  9. Lavendar says

    I’m wearing Avon SuperMagnify mascara and I will definitely be trying Iman Luxury Radiance Liquid Foundation. I hear it’s really fantastic!

  10. T.R. says

    I’m looking forward to the MAC Semi Precious collection and maybe some new makeup brushes in general.

  11. Nikita says

    i’m not wearing anything on my eyes , and i’m looking forward to buying the naked palette by urban decay soon.

  12. Natalie says

    What im wearing now is the Palmers Cocoa Butter stick around my eyes. What Im looking forward to purchasing is BH cosmetics, one of their pallettes. To add some colorful shadows to my spring/ summer looks.

  13. crystal anders says

    I dont have anything on my eye right now because it is bed time but I typically use a shadow from my elf beauty book. I am looking forard to buying on of the new wet and wild eye shadow palettes.

  14. auntie rella says

    Im looking foward to trying out the new Sigma eye shadow palettes. The dare one in particular, to see if it stands up to the naked palette.

  15. Chelsea says

    I’ve been eyeing the Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeshadow pencils recently! I don’t know if I’ll buy any of them because they aren’t cheap, and I’m on a college budget, haha. I really appreciate these giveaways. Thanks so much for doing things like this for us!

    I have you liked on Facebook :)

  16. abby lanier says

    i dont have anything on right now, but if i did it would be something shimmery brown/green. i’ll probably be buying some new blush/bronzer and a bright shade of coral lip color! i’ve never tried a coral lip but i want to this summer!

  17. arni says

    i just washed my face so i don’t have anything right now, but i had in2it eyeshadow in zebra, i’m looking forward to buying a light pink lipstain to replace my p11 maybelline lipstick

  18. Serena says

    I have on Mac’s haute and naughty mascara with elf liquid liner…
    What I plan on buying are color pigments, I’ve never tried them before. So I guess I would like to win some pigments in a giveaway.

  19. Adail says

    Thanks for holding this giveaway! It’s very generous of you :) I’m looking for a good foundation and I have my eye on the Tarte Amazonian Clay full covereage foundation. I’m also interested in Laura Mercier Silk Cream foundation as well. I know it’s not helpful for giveaway ideas cause foundation is so hard to buy for someone else! Sorry lol. But that’s where my head is at right now with makeup.

  20. Reanne says

    I am just wearing a no7 exquisite curl mascara and that is it on my eyes and i think the next makeup things that I will buy will be bright colours as it is coming into spring and I need to buy a tinted moisturiser as I don’t like wearing foundation in the summer :)

  21. Lucinda says

    I’m hoping to get the three new eye shadow palettes from Sigma. The just look great.
    Thanks for opening your contest to international readers :D

  22. Rita says

    Hello! I am wearing on my eyes now the Blue Had Me At Hello palete from wet n’ wild. I used the teal color on my lid and the dark blue in the crease. Applied Voluminous mascara and a black eyeliner (UD Zero). What I’m looking to buy next month are more lip glossses. Seriously, I’m obsessed with lip products lol.

    In regards to ideas for your next giveaway, maybe a Gift Card or Certificate emailed from a site of your choice, like Sephora, or anywhere that sends Egift cards. Hope that helps. Great giveaway, thanks for opportunity!

  23. says

    My Eyes are totally Naked right now – hellooo its sunday! ;D :D I think im just gonna put a matt light beige on the lid ;D I’m really looking forward to buy another minty nailpolish :) :*

  24. Alexa says

    One of the things on my eyes right now is Tempting by MAC, and im really looking forward to maybe splurging on some LUSH products.

  25. Raven says

    Hi Lovely,
    It is summer and i am on the hunt for bronzer, tanning lotion and/or illuminator for face. Not sure which one is best. I heard someone on YT talking about Lorac. Have you tried any?

  26. Sierra Hall says

    i am currently wearing 2 colors from my elf palette. a silvery color and a black color with glitter. :) && of course my cover girl eyeliner && mascara. <3

  27. Crissy2u20 says

    It’s my dream to try the Blush Bronzer Trio! I never had any NARS products, but I herd only good things about it, so it would be great to try it out!

  28. maria says

    I’m trying to use my 88 palette again. I kinda forgot about it but once I saw all those colors again it gave some great ideas on a lot of eye looks

  29. Kelsey says

    Right now I’m wearing an avon gold colour from one of their 8 shade palettes. As well as a dark purple rimmel shade in the crease. My eyeliner is from Avon and my mascara is Maybelline XXL Pro.

  30. says

    So its 9am on a Saturday morning and I’m stalking your website from my bed so most definitely my eyes are naked right now (nevermind my Mac lipstick and gloss are on my lips, that’s a given for my after tooth brushing routine)…lol

    So for me what’s next to buy is pretty much everything! LOL but most seriously my next haul is hopefully some neutral/pinks for the summer. Eyes and lips….

  31. T.gore says

    Eye shadow I’m wearing now is Surf USA. and I can’t wait to try All Of My Purple Life it’s a part of the Bloggers’ Obsession collection from MAC :)

  32. thepinkestbutterfly says

    Right now I’m only wearing the Maybelline Lash Accelerator Mascara, because it’s so warm outside. I’m looking to buy Elf products, because it’s cheap and good :)

  33. Andreea says

    I’ve just cleaned my face, so no makeup now. As for the suggestions part… I would like very much something from illamasqua, especially because they don’t ship in my country … so I guess my only chance would be winning a product.

  34. Shanelle says

    Today I have on HIP Duo eyeshadow (purple and pink)…I can’t remember the name of the compact but it’s beautiful…I wanted my eyes to pop with a very casual outfit…jeans and a black tee…In the next month or so I would like to find a great mascara and also perfect applying eyeliner…

  35. Malca J says

    I would love a giveaway for Afrobella’s MAC lipglass All Of My Purple Life! I follow on google friends MALCA JAMAYA

  36. says

    I have my eye on OPI & Sally Hansen’s nail polishes. Makeup wise Urban Decay primer potion & lashes.

    I’m a GFC: Ashley
    Facebook: GlamNoLabelz

  37. TianaDMS says

    I just jumped out of the shower, so my eyes are currently bare! I always use my elf eye shadow primer though! It is so amazing for people who have trouble with creasy due to oily lids like me, and it’s only $1!!! =) Thanks for another giveaway!!! =)

  38. muanji says

    hello!! i hope i’m not too late ^_^

    i’m hoping to find the best peachy-pink or coral lipstick for the summer and also a perfect pressed powder that is light weight! *smooches*

  39. monique lee says

    I defintely have my eye a few things! i really want the Urban decay Naked Palette..i so need that palette:) i also been wanting the lady gaga viva glam 2(nude) lipstick and lipglass, and last i really want the mac lipstick in saint germain for this spring and summer.it is so hot:)

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