Khroma Beauty-In The Buff Au Naturel Lip Set









Khroma Beauty In the Buff Lip Set (approx. $15 at CVS)

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this. I haven’t tried anything from Khroma Beauty and I wasn’t sure I would until I saw this set at CVS. I am always looking for a fun nude lip and I’m pretty picky about which nudes are a fit for me. Usually I prefer a pinky nude but this caught my eye. There are three Au Naturel sets available and I figured that this was the one for me! It’s the deepest.

In the Buff includes a white two sided pen. One end has a lip liner and the other end is a lipstick. You also get a large lip gloss.

I swatched everything on my hand. I love how the colors look. The lip liner is very fragile. I broke it because I twisted it up too high when I was swatching it in a YouTube haul. It smooths over my lips fine though. It’s creamy but I won’t twist it up too far again! The lip gloss has a doe foot applicator but I must say it really doesn’t do a great job of getting enough gloss out of the tube. It’s a really long wand so maybe thats the issue? It just takes forever to get enough if you really pile on the gloss like I do!

Feel free to click on a picture to see the swatches better!









liner, lipstick, and gloss (left to right)


Overall I think this is an overpriced set. I think I’m going to need more lipstick-the amount in the two sided tube is minimal. The gloss doesn’t come out well, it takes three tries to get enough. Besides that the smell of the gloss is overpowering. I mean never ever has a lip gloss been this fragrant. It’s a sweet honeysuckle like smell and it doesn’t go away. The taste isn’t bad but hours later I can smell honey on my upper lip! If strong scents bother you stay away. I must say I like the way it looks but I’m not happy with the packaging. I think a real tube of lipstick would work better. The whole two sided thing is gimmicky but only works if there is enough product inside.

I’d say only invest in this if you’ve got CVS bonus bucks (a lot of them) and if you don’t mind a very strong scent.

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