La Femme Blush Palette (Finally) with Swatches!

I’ve been hearing about the quality and incredible value on La Femme blushes for a few years now on YouTube. I finally ordered some last month when they had an Independence Day discount on Makeup Mania (17.76% off how cute!) and I am so excited about the pigmentation and price! These can be ordered individually to create your own palette like I did or in a self contained package ($3 each) if you’d just like one.

I ordered from Makeup Mania ( which worked out really well. I went for a palette since the colors were $2.50 each (they just had a price increase, they are $2.87 each now) and I paid for an empty palette (it’s $14 currently) and started picking colors.

Here’s what I ended up with and some quick swatches. Remember that you can click on a picture to make it bigger!

La Femme Blush Palette (sunlight)

La Femme Blush Palette (regular light)

framboesia, crystal cafe (top)

red, mocha (bottom row)








framboesia, crystal cafe, red, and mocha (swatched left to right)

terracotta, russet (top)

orchid ice, satin rose (bottom row)








terracotta, russet, orchid ice, and satin rose (swatched left to right)

mulberry, rose chiffon (top)

fuchsia, precious plum (bottom row)









mulberry, rose chiffon, fuchsia, and precious plum (swatched left to right)

These are an amazing deal. I love the colors that I got and the pigmentation is out of this world! I ordered mattes mostly which I love. All the shades in the palette last all day and look fantastic. I highly recommend checking these out and giving La Femme blush a try. I still can’t believe how inexpensive and good these shades are! There are a BILLION different shades to choose from on the website and I got my order in about ten days.

Check the website out if you’d like some cool blush colors to add to your stash!

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  1. joanna figueroa says

    Hi! I was shopping online for these and found that they have an ingredient in them that seemed a little suspicious IMIDAZOLIDINYL UREA
    I was wondering how safe it is to put an ingredient that acts as a formaldehyde released on our faces. Maybe I’m overreacting, but if this is a health concern, how much are we really paying for this, after all our health is invaluable. Please let me know your opinion on this. Thank you.

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