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I really have a bad history with Lancome mascara’s. I haven’t found any that I’ve loved but I get so excited and hopeful when new ones come out. So that’s definitely what happened when I saw the ad for Doll Lashes Mascara a few months ago. I am all about volume and my eyes looking wider so that’s what I hoped to get out of this. But unfortunately it just didn’t work out.

I really love the mascara wand. It’s a cone shape so I figured that this would be great on my lashes. I really am a volume girl instead of length when it comes to mascara. I love a large brush and I thought that with the cone shape I was going to be able to reach and bring out lashes I didn’t know I had. I was able to do that sort of. I was able to get the stubby lashes in the inner corner of my eye. But the formula clumps a LOT. I really am shocked by how quickly and completely this mascara goes from good to hot mess from the first coat to the second. After using this mascara twice I figured the problem out.

Because of the cone shape of the wand a LOT of mascara gets loaded onto the top half of the wand. The top area is loaded with way more product than the bottom half. So to help make this work I needed to really wipe mascara off the top of the wand and then use it. I know sometimes you have to wipe the tip of  a mascara wand but with this you have to really get the excess mascara off the whole top area and the first few segments of the wand. I like to do more than one coat so unless I want the inner corners full of thick clumpy mascara then I have to wipe the top of the wand down thoroughly.

That sucks. I know that isn’t a deal breaker for everyone but it is for me.









Before/After (two coats)

I do love the end result but I really hate that the wand holds so much product on the tip. I won’t repurchase this mascara, at $25 I can use something that I can pull out of the tube and use without wiping. Let me know if you love it and how your using it. I’m not one to throw a product away even if I don’t like it. I’m going to continue to use this and I’d love any tips you have!

Rated C-

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    I am in dire need of a non-flaking long wearing mascara. I am a contact wearer and am suffering at the end of my long workdays. Any suggestions? I’d use drugstore or high end.


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