Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colour-Burnished Copper, Alloy, and Rose Gold

Meet my new loves…the three LM Metallic shades that are my go to for quick Summer eyes!









Burnished Copper, Alloy, and Rose Gold (l to r)- .3 oz’s each

In the Summer I get eye look lazy. It’s so hot and I want to have something on my eyes most days with mascara which is a must. I really love using creme products because lets face it, slapping on a creme is easier than blending out your powder shadows. That’s where these eye cremes from Laura Mercier come in. They dress up my eyes and make me look like I did something! But it also looks like I’m not trying to hard which is exactly where I like to be in my makeup game.

I got one shade first (Rose Gold) and after using it for a few days, I ran back for more. These colors are metallic and beautiful! I use them alone, with powder eyeshadow, and with other cremes like Mac Paint Pots or L’oreal Hip Liners. They work with everything. I love the texture and the colors are out of this world. I think the sheen or finish that they leave behind on my eye after I’m done is so flattering and kinda sexy.

image of laura mercier burnished copper alloy rose goldimage of laura mercier burnished copper alloy rose gold








Burnished Copper, Alloy, and Rose Gold

swatched left to right

A little goes a long way with these. You need a minimal amount to do each eye lid which is good because the tubes are tiny! I really think they should be bigger and that’s my only gripe with these. They retail for $22 each and I do feel like they should be twice as big. Please swatch these at the LM counter and my recommendation for all skin tones is Rose Gold. That is the chosen one, trust me!

I picked these up at Nordstrom and when I checked the Laura Mercier site I found out that they are having a F&F 20% off sale till June 30th. Check there if you want to pick a Metallic Creme Eye shade up!

Rated A- (THE PRICE!!!)

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