Le Metier De Beaute Beauty Event with Erin Lockard

I had one of the best experiences ever at what you might realize lately is becoming my favorite brand. Le Metier De Beaute’s National Makeup Artist Erin Lockard was at Neiman Marcus today and she made me look fabulous! I have to tell you that if you don’t check out events like this at your favorite counter (Chanel, Armani etc.) you are missing out. I say this because you really can get great ideas on things to do with your current stash from a one on one sit down like this. And if you are in a beauty rut where you feel like “all my makeup SUCKS” you can also find out about other things that work for you that you might be totally dismissing. I am guilty of this all the time. I totally dismiss things as not being right for me when actually they are MADE for me.

I should have taken a picture of myself before I left the store, its raining like the world is going to end so I got drenched and lost some of my eye makeup running errands on the way home. I can show you what I got and the free gift LMDB has for the beauty event. Here we go!









Innocence True Colour Eye Shadow ($30)- Besides being a great color on the eyes this was used as a blush on me! It’s a beautiful peachy shade that really brightens my cheeks and it has just enough shimmer to it. I love multi use products and this is a great one!









Midnight Sky True Colour Eye Shadow ($30)- I am loco for blue lately. This is an amazing one that I was drawn to because it’s so eye-catching. It was used right near my eye line (kind of like liner) and is just the right pretty blue to stand out but not be too overwhelming.









Precision Liquid Eyeliner, Noir ($42)- I have resisted this liner for a long time. I just couldn’t see myself spending this on a liner but today was the day. Why? Because it’s kind of amazing….it was used on the inner lash line and looks natural as…heck! Love it, I hope it lasts for a few years.









Artemis Eyeliner (GWP for event)- This is the showstopper, it’s a beautiful blue liner that I can’t wait to use!









Kaleidoscope Lip Kit, Empress ($95)- I love the eye kaleidoscopes from LMDB, why did I dismiss the lip kit? I have no idea. It’s amazing. I looked at this on the last few visits to the counter and figured it wasn’t for me. Boy was I wrong. The colors layered on top of each other…well the end result is kissable perfection. I swear to god-I wanted to kiss me. You can use a few of them together or with your favorite lipstick to create beautiful colors you made yourself. I love stuff like this. I have a little mad scientist in me:) Makeup is supposed to be fun so this is a gateway into some real mixing fun.

Here are the colors individually.

















Hopefully you can see there are a lot of options here. You can go from sweet and girly to vampy and seductive with this.

Here is my cheat sheet for recreating the look myself, all the products names are listed so I know what was used where. I also know what I might want to pick up on my next visit! Thanks to the beautiful Erin and the rest of the wonderful ladies at the LMDB counter in Tyson’s I had a fantastic time. If you are in the Washington DC area, you have to visit this store. They have the nicest most knowledgeable staff. I am so glad that I’ve found them!

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  1. says

    Charlestongirl also loved the makeover Erin gave her. I can’t wait for my appointment tomorrow – did Erin make the cheat sheet for you or did you do it yourself?

  2. Asia says

    O Wow….I didn’t realize you were in the DC Metro area….I will actually be stopping by NM later tonight to participate in some of their FNO activities (as well as Saks, and at Nordy’s and Bloomingdales at the big mall)…after I stop by gtown of course…I gues will now have to add a stop to the LMDB counter while I’m there:)!!!

    • Asia says

      O and because I know you love blue…chanel’s 3 blue nails came out…I’m picking up the Blue Boy at the counter today, but they are out of the Blue Rebel so I had to order it off line…but I’m soooo excited b/c I kno they will be beautiful…:)!

  3. says

    Erin was amazing! (I think she made over every blogger in town!) I got the Silk Road Kaleidoscope and Rumor blush. And I remembered to get a cheat sheet. Thanks for posting yours or I would never have thought to ask.

    • says

      Lol I think she made over every blogger too:) I love that Silk Road Kaleidoscope, its so beautiful. The cheat sheet is so great, I don’t need any mascara now but in a few months I want to pick up the one she used on me. I’m so glad you had a good time!

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