Le Metier De Beaute Pallid Incandescence Kaleidoscope Eye Kit

It’s a Bergdorf Goodman exclusive available in early July. I never count out LMDB Eye Kits!

I’m all in.

It’s $95, call Dustin Lujan at 212-872-8612. That is all….

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  1. charlotte says

    $95 for a quad is not my cup of tea.. but I have to say “Pallid Incandescence Kaleidoscope” has to win an award for the most creative way to say “shimmery pastel quad”, lolol.

    • says

      Their quads kill me. No matter how they look I never judge because they all work. I don’t know how they do it but then they understand the colors like I never could. They do get points for the name!

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