Le Metier De Beaute Paris Lipstick









I’m a sucker for Barbie pink lipstick! There I said it. I love bright pink lips with a passion and when I saw this at my LMDB counter at Neiman’s I knew it was only a matter of time. Well I picked this beauty up and its become a fast favorite. I love how moisturizing LMDB lipsticks are. They are so comfortable on the lips and even without balm I find them to be really easy to wear all day with minimal touch ups. Paris is definitely for the bright pink purists. If that’s not for you and you are more into deeper pink shades I showed you my first lipstick from LMDB Uma Paro recently. It’s great if your more into fuchsia shades, check that out here.

I was a little worried about this purchase because I have a lot of pink. It’s usually highly probable that I’ve got a dupe for a pink lipstick. I’m glad to say Paris isn’t a dupe of anything that I have. I pulled out my Mac pinks and found that there is nothing like Paris in there, yay! Here’s a look if your interested. I usually don’t show you dupe shots but I thought this might be helpful if you have some of the popular Mac pink lipsticks.









LMDB Paris, Mac Love Forever, Mac Up the Amp, Mac Girl About Town, Mac Pink Nouveau

See how pretty this pink is? It’s more similar to Girl About Town than anything else but they aren’t really that alike. It’s definitely not a dupe. Please check this out if you’re a pink lover at your favorite LMDB counter. It’s a must for pink crazed makeup lovers.








I’m going to check out the new Bordeaux collection of lipstick/nail polish sets tomorrow so I’ll let you know what I think about those shortly. I’d love to get a LMDB red lipstick, that’s my other weakness RED!

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  1. Asia says

    If you like Red lipsticks, you should check out the new GA red lipstick that came out with the new face and eye palettes. It works on just about any skin tone…..I tried it on at the counter and did a presale order for the Nordy’s Trend Show in Sept…I just can’t wait to bring that baby home with me:)!!

  2. T.R. says

    I’ve seen you do a few posts on Le Metier. I’ll have to check them out especially the red and GA red no doubt (I’m from ATL) and I love love love red lipstick (or red anything for that matter).

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