Le Metier De Beaute Summerland Lip Gloss

Here’s another shade that I’ve been using and haven’t posted on yet. LMDB’s Summerland….









Talk about right up my alley. I love this shade. I go for bronzy/frosty shades in the Summer. I know that not everyone is up for this look but I love it. It’s my way of looking glowy without having an oil slick for a face! I really like LMDB glosses. If you’ve been around for a while you know I’m kind of obsessed with them!

The texture on this is great. It’s smooth as butter and not glittery. Nothing ruins a gloss for me faster than glitter you can feel. I hate that! Anyway this is full of moisture and so comfortable to wear. I touch up every four hours or so. Check it out if your in the market for something luxurious and girly.

I got this from Lisa Corsino (703-761-1600 ext.3306) at Neiman Marcus in Virginia, it’s also on the Neiman Marcus website for $32. There are a ton of great LMDB gloss shades available. Just try one and you’ll be hooked!

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