Lorac Bejeweled Eye Shadow Palette Trio









I love holiday sets! This eye shadow palette set from Lorac is $34 and has a little sticker on it that says it’s exclusive to Ulta. I picked this up over the weekend. I love Lorac, it’s one of my favorite brands because everything I’ve ever purchased is good. The shadows and other eye products are some of my favorites in my makeup stash. Here is a closer look at each palette.









This Quartz (nude shades) palette is the one I’m the least likely to use. This is definitely more suited to a lighter skin tone. But I knew that when I swatched it at Ulta. I am so crazy about the other two palettes that I decided this would be a nice palette to pass on to a friend.









I love this Topaz (bronze shades) palette. There are some nice every day use shades in here. I think these would be nice colors to use on almost anyone’s lids.









I loved this Amethyst (smokey plum shades) palette most of all out of the whole set! The gray/silver eyeshadow color is a little prone to fallout after using it but I still love it.

Please check this out at Ulta and swatch it, I think it’s a great set of palettes for the holidays.

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    I like compacts at value prices like this one. NAKED is nice too but it’s so expensive. So I guess I will settle for this one. I can buy all compacts without costing me a fortune.

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