(CLOSED)Lorac Femme Fatale Palette Giveaway (2 Winners!!)

Recently Hautelook had Lorac’s Femme Fatale Eye Shadow Palette up for grabs. I got one palette for myself and two more for you! I thought they’d be a great giveaway prize.

Take a look!

















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  1. Jordan says

    I’ll have to say I’m not ever very impressed with the palettes bobbi brown puts out, maybe it is just the colors or the finishes but I’ve always been tempted to get them but I’ll test them out in the store and it is just disappointing.

  2. says

    Hmmmm…..this is a tough one. I love the palettes I have. I guess I can say the 120 palettes. Nothing really against them but I’m more comfortable with smaller palettes. The two I had, I gave away. I still have the 88 neutral which is still kind of overwhelming but since I love neutrals I decided to keep it. But I still may pass it on to someone else if I don’t see myself reaching for it.

  3. Tracy W. says

    I tend to stick with companies who are known for good quality. However some of the shadows in Sleek palettes can be chalky.

  4. Jackie J says

    I have an ELF palette that a love so much, but I also have one that I don’t like and never use, so I will have to say ELF.

  5. Maria A Ruiz says

    The only palettes that have been disappointing are the MAC quads that are special edition. Sometimes the pigmentation is bad.

  6. Orel says

    I actually hate the Revlon colorstay quads! i know im like the only one, but they are so powdery… so Revlon will be my pick

  7. Steph says

    I don’t often buy pre-made palettes but the worst I’ve come across would probably be Revlon’s cream shadow palettes, some of the colour combinations look nice but the product itself is pretty awful. ^^;

  8. Sristy24 says

    I think elf makes my least favourite eye shadow pallettes! I love their other stuffs but when it comes to eyeshadow, it dissapoints me!!!

  9. Ivelina says

    I have an Avon palette in Mocha Latte and Pink Sands…the color payoff isn’t good. One of four colour is working, which isn’t what I have expected.

  10. Jennifer says

    Eyes lips face (Elf) eyeshadow palettes are my least favorite… For a few more dollars I would rather buy wet n wild eyeshadow palettes.

  11. says

    I believe the E.L.F. Eyeshadow Quads beacuse they do have A Lot of hit and miss products for $1, but Their $1 eyeshadow quads have too much fall out and too much glitter and you sometimes have to rub the colors more to get the payoff.

  12. Jennifer K. says

    I’m very disappointed at mac quad limited edition quad palette from shop,cook mac collection bad pigmentation ever T?T

  13. Amber H. says

    I would have to say ELF just because there palettes are so hit and miss and chalky. But they have some great products! THanks for the giveaway!

  14. Sara McCann says

    For me it’s got to be ELF, chalky and dry = YUK

    For HE though it would be Bobbi brown, I’ve never been particularly impressed with any of her eyeshadow palettes.

    Thanks for a great giveaway x

  15. Sarah says

    I’m going to say Cover Girl Shimmering Sands. It seemed to get very dry and powdery and end up under my eyes rather than where it was supposed to be. =)

  16. Nobu says

    I love all of the palettes I have but some of the older Revlon quads were bad. I got one from the crazy CVS markdowns but it was disappointing. And I guess those huge coastal scents palettes. It’s not that it’s bad quality but there are so many colors that I didn’t now what to do with them! lol I ended up swapping it on makeupalley for something more manageable.

  17. angelica says

    I have a few stila palettes and they are al right. Like there’s no really colors that stand out to me.the singer eyeshdow i do love is kitten.

  18. Jesica Soria says

    My least favorite brand for eyeshadow pallets is elf because although the colors look promising the pigmentation sucks.

  19. Caitlin says

    Ugh my least favourite would be one that I got cheap at walmart. it looked nice in the store but when i tested the colours at home they either had no colour pay off or looked the same weird darkish colour. but this was like 3 years ago.

  20. Becky says

    My least favorite palette i’d say is from milani. Their runway eyes palettes are lil difficult and tryin to get a certain shadow since the strips are so small

  21. Lydia R says

    I have 2 rimmel quads that are just terrible, one you can’t even see any color and they’re so soft the fallout is crazy.

  22. Amy says

    Just got a Pop one that was less than thrilling but for sure it’s a quad that I got from Loreal a couple of months back. So little pigment!

  23. Su Young says

    I’m assuming on “Mail” I can put my email…

    I’m just starting out experimenting with makeup, so the only palettes I’ve used are from Makeup Forever (my mom’s). I’m turning 18 next Wednesday, so I guess I’m a bit late using makeup.

  24. Emily says

    I actually don’t like the Sonia Kashuk duos. I don’t know if I’ve just picked up duds in the past, but the ones I’ve tried were not pigmented at all.

  25. says

    I don’t like elf eye palettes, they crease like crazy on me. I’ve also been super disappointed with the Avon quads – the look great in the pan but have really poor color payoff.

  26. Allison says

    I’m not sure because I don’t have too many palettes. Maybe a small clinique one I got a long time ago. It’s a little bit powdery and you have to work with it.

  27. Cindy A. says

    Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway! I have a love hate relationship with e.l.f. cosmetics. I have purchased some shadows that have been great, but others were horrible. Their mineral shadows have worked pretty well for me.

  28. Gloria Rosales says

    The Tarte bamboo quad. Only because the Olive color (which is the main reason I got it for) is not pigmented enough for me.

  29. Lisa S. says

    Love Lorac and have been watching your vids on YT. Really enjoy them. Great giveaway. Have you seen the Lorac holiday at Sephora??? It looks super fantastic. Thanks for the opportunity.

  30. kristy says

    my least favourite eyeshadow palette would be from ELF. their quad is too chalky for my liking, i wouldn’t repurchase it even though it’s only $1.

  31. Ashley T says

    Unfortunately I’d have to say Maybelline makes my least fav palettes. All the ones I’ve boughten are never pigmented :(

  32. Deisha says

    My least favorite eyeshadow palette is the Milani quad in touch of brown. I didn’t like it because 3 of the e/s were too glittery for my taste. As for a least favorite brand, I couldn’t say. It’s a hit or miss with many brands.

  33. Lateisha says

    The palette that let me down the most is my Tarte True Blood palette. That was my first time trying Tarte and it didn’t give me the life I was hoping for. The pigmentation was blah!

  34. shirley says

    E.L.F. because you can never tell which colors are going to be good color payoff. every time I think the color is gorgeous there is not enough pigment and I love bold colors.

  35. Selena says

    My least favorite pallettes are from e.l.f. And my least favorite brand is hard to pick because not one particular brand has items I hate, there might be one or two that I will use or purchase. That is a tough question to answer!

  36. says

    I’ve neve had much luck with drugstore palettes, even the WnW that everyone raves about. Besides those, the duds that MAC has come out with from time to time spring to mind!

  37. says

    My least favorite eyeshadow palette (wait for it)…would be the BH cosmetic palettes. They’re great if you’re starting out and want to get into makeup without spending a lot of money but if you have MAC, Urban Decay etc in your collection; you see that the pigmentation isn’t the greatest.

  38. Alena N. says

    As I am crazy about buying different eyeshadows, I have a bigbigbig list of my least favourite.
    First place is elf. I see there are a lot of posts about them, so I am in this group too.
    Second place goes to Yves Rocher, they may have not bad pigmentation, but they’re chalky and their staying power is really bad, and the blending abilities are not the best, so… Oh yes, and those strange sparkly/metallic ones I own. With beautiful copper color. They feel like… I don’t even know how to describe it, but my eyelids feel a bit itchy after them, which i think is not so good. No, no more of these.
    The last place is the Art Deco. They swatch beautifully, and I love the wide variety of colours and the idea to choose the colors and make my own palette, but… Somehow I realised I use them not so often, as I first thought I would. So they are not the thing that should be repurchased. I mean I won’t repurchase them again.

    And the main thing – thank you for your giveaways and for a TONNNNNNNNS of useful information!

  39. Stacie says

    I usually only buy high end palettes, and I’ve never been disappointed with any of them. There are a few colors in my Sweet Dreams (too faced) palette that could have been better. But I still wouldn’t call it a disappointment.

  40. Devin says

    i am not a fan of any of the bobbi brown palettes i have tried which is disappointing because they were all gifts! =) thanks 4 the giveaway!

  41. Mel says

    Truthfully, I only buy smashbox or urban decay palettes, so I’ve never really tried a horrible palette. I do have a random eyeshadow palette from Benefit which I don’t like..

  42. Monica says

    I think the only eyeshadow that i really dislike would be ELF, simply because knowing that you can get them really cheap their so chalky and not good with pigmentation.

  43. blkrox says

    My least favorite eyeshadow palettes are by Revlon – they are very sheer and require primer to last more than a couple hours on my oily lids. However, I got them on clearance for less than $1.50 a palette so I can’t complain too much, LoL

  44. Deena says

    Not a big fan of Cover Girl Palettes…they color payoff is not good at all. There is only one trio with the copper that I love!

  45. Nikole says

    CoverGirl eyeshadows are the WORST. No matter the color, they just look like a frosty, ashy mess. It’s so disappointing.

  46. Sherry B. says

    I don’t really own any palettes that I can honestly say I dislike, although the few I own are for the most part very inexpensive ones; I just try to work with what I have! Thank you for offering these beauties, Crystal.

  47. Szappanbubi says

    It was so baeutifully packed and inside the little flowers were so cute- but don’t recommend Avon Poppy Bouquet All-Over Face Palette …

  48. Genia says

    the only real eyeshadow palette i have is the Naked and i LOVE IT. but i have a super cheap eyeshadow (i geuss u can call it a palette) which i got at 5 below and its not that good but does have a matte white color i use!

  49. Ella Coman says

    My least favorite palettes are from Avon, they’re not at all pigmented so I pretty much gave up on them and moved on to others I like better.

  50. Tiffany says

    A lot of people have said ELF, but I’m actually gonna say Maybelline.. I really dislike their regular eyeshadows! It barely has pigmentation (or at least the ones I have)

  51. says

    I haven’t tried many, but I got one for a present from somewhere like ardene or Icing and it was terrible! It was an 88 pack, and my friend said she tried some on the sampler and they were great. The five and the very top peekaboo section were amazing, but the rest didn’t show up at all. Tres tres dissapointing.

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