Lorac Unzipped Eye Shadow Palette (Swatches & Review)

I had a feeling I would be in love with this. I really love Lorac shadows. They do shimmery/glitter eyeshadow right! Unlike some of my favorite brands (Urban Decay this means you!) I never get shafted with shadows that are pretty to look at but have a ton of fallout and staying power issues. I like getting a palette with a ton of possibilities and this is it!

Please excuse my fingerprints in two shadows below. I showed this palette in a YouTube video and swatched two shades.

This in my opinion is what I wanted the UD Naked Palette to be. I like a good mix of shimmery shades and mattes. I have some issues with a few colors in the Naked Palette because I can’t use them because they take a little work (babying) to look good on me. It’s just a few shadows but still it’s kind of annoying. All these shades WORK. I don’t have fallout and they go on buttery smooth. The other thing thats great about this palette is that it includes a sample of one of my favorite eye primers, Behind the Scenes. I got a sample of BTS eye primer a while ago in another set and I’ve been using it and raving ever since. It’s one of my top two eye primers.

I took some quick swatches. Excuse my swatching hand, its cut. Someone inboxed me yesterday and said why don’t you use your other hand? I gotta tell you my other hand is not as evenly brown (lol) and has a scar from a very crazy playground accident. A boy fell on me during kickball and my hand got dragged through the gravel under his bootie so I still have scars. File that under useless facts…









Undercover, Unbelievable, Unattainable, Unconditional, and Unbridled

(left to right-1st row of palette)

Undercover, Unbelievable, Unattainable, Unconditional, and Unbridled (left to right)

Here are swatches of the bottom row of the palette.









Undiscovered, Unreal, Uncensored, Unspoken, and Untamed

(left to right-2nd row of the palette)

Undiscovered, Unreal, Uncensored, Unspoken, and Untamed (left to right)

I got this palette at Ulta for $40. It’s expensive but so worth it! The matte shades in this palette are amazing. The shimmery shades too. I think this is the perfect Summer palette. Check it out before its gone.

Rated A+

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  1. Elizabeth says

    I’ve been thinking of getting this palette or the balm nude’tude palette. If you have the balm palette, how would you compare the two?

    • says

      The color variety is better with the Balm’s Nude Tude palette. They have some wine and black in there as well as some nude shades. You also have two extra shades in the Balm palette. So you get 12 shades instead of 10 in the Lorac palette. The Lorac shadow quality is a bit smoother in my opinion but considering the fact that today (I tweeted and instagramed this info earlier today) you can get the Nude Tude palette on Hautelook for $18 instead of the retail price which is $36, I’d say go with the Nude Tude. Thats a steal!

  2. JenJ says

    *chants* I don’t need this palette, I don’t need this palette, I don’t neeeeeed this palette!!! But I wonts it! I’ve stalked this during my last Sephora and Ulta visits *sigh*

  3. Natalie says

    Are these available seperatly? I really love Unattainable but as a teen the whole palette is far over my budget

  4. Dawne says

    I’m considering getting this palette. I saw a look posted with it by another blogger and really liked it.

  5. trayceeee says

    Crystal, I am so sad! I bought this palette and fell in love with it as much as you did. I tried it with the Lorac Primer and my normally dry lids ended up extremely oily. I then tried the shadows with UDPP and same thing! I get about 2 hours of good, pigmented wear with this palette. Maybe those days were extremely hot but I never usually have this problem.

    I refuse to return this palette so I am going to try it over some paintpots, color tattoos, NYX JEP’s, anything!

    How is your wear time?

    • says

      I’m wearing it all day and I’ve used the shades with my usual two eye primers Nars and Lorac Behind the Scenes. Thats so strange I hope using a base will help the wear time for you.

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