L’oreal Extraordinaire Nail System on Day 7-How Does Miss Luster-ess Nail Polish Look Now?



So we are on day 7! I have been wearing Miss Luster-ess nail polish from L’oreal since early Monday. I posted on day 3 (see that post here) earlier this week and my nails looked great. I was really happy. But yesterday is when things fell apart. My right hand (I’m a righty so I use my right hand for everything!) started to chip on my nail tips. The funny thing is my left hand still looks darn good.

Take a look. Here is my left hand.


There is minimal tip wear on my left hand. Not bad at all. Now take a look at my right hand.


Almost all of this chipping started yesterday afternoon and kept up through noon today. So day 6 is when this manicure started showing wear. Very interesting! I’d say that this lasts a good amount of time and since they aren’t making any crazy claims about any specific wear time I think this is a decent system. The fact that your nails look the same from day 1 through almost day 6 with no tip wear is a new one on me. I usually have serious tip wear issues by day 4 with everything else I use. Nothing has protected the tips of my nails better than the glaze top coat in this L’oreal system.

I’m going to get the black L’oreal Extraordinaire polish next time I visit the drugstore. I’m a fan of this little system and I’ll use it again very soon! Let me know if you have checked this out yet! I’d love to know what your experience was good or bad!

Update: I forgot to mention how polish removal was. It was super easy. I used acetone and everything came off as easy as can be!

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  1. Lavendar says

    Your results definitely make this a must-try! I wonder if reapplying the top coat after a couple of days would have extended the wear a little longer.

  2. Anita B Strohl says

    Looks like a good product to try.
    But I have a question. How do you not get any polish on your cuticles? Are you exceedingly careful or do you use some sort of shield?

    • says

      I’m really careful. It’s all about how you hold the brush wand. Keep the hand your polishing nails on flat on a table and then I do on average three strokes with the nail wand down each nail (not the pinky two is good!) when I polish them. If your hand/nails are on a flat surface I find its easier to be really careful.

  3. Donna says

    I’m such a fan of you blog & your YT channels! I’m so glad you finally reviewed this. I’ve been using this system for about a month. I’ve experienced the same chipping on about day 4-5. I thought it was something I was doing wrong as my painting skills aren’t the best. At any rate this system is still more economical than a gel set at the nail shop (my nails chip with that as well). Thanks!

  4. Lisa Marie says

    Have you thought about comparing this to the Revlon Colorstay polishes? Well, another “system” for me to try. I have been alternating between Colorstay and my Gelish Gel system…..I do like the ease of removal of “gel-like” over real gels, but the longevity is not there.

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