L’oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Blinged & Brilliant w/Comparisons

There are two new Limited Edition Infallible’s out now. I showed and swatched them in a recent YouTube video. I got quite a few messages about one of the colors Blinged & Brilliant (the gold shade) and asked to compare it to the other gold-ish Infallibles that I’ve got.

First let me show you Blinged & Brilliant!









It’s pretty. I think I have a weakness for gold. I picked this up for a little over $7 in a new display at Bed Bath & Beyond. I’m not sure if I have all the gold-ish Infallibles but I do try to collect all the colors I see like a crazy woman. Here are those comparisons in case your wondering if Blinged & Brilliant is close to a shade you have already picked up.

Blinged & Brilliant, Amber Rush, Gold Imperial, and Bronzed Taupe (left to right)









Blinged & Brilliant is different than the other already released Infallibles so thats good. I think the other shades lean more toward the rose gold and yellow gold family. Blinged & Brillant looks more yellow toned in the container than it does on the eye and thats a good thing in my opinion. I like using it as an inner eye highlight since it appears to be colorless. This Infallible goes with my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette really well. All the cool colors are a perfect fit.

I threw Bronzed Taupe in the mix not so much because it looks gold in any way but to show you the “golds” alongside a more wearable color. There is no doubt Bronzed Taupe is my favorite! I find the hardest color to wear out of these four is Gold Imperial. It’s so YELLA. Ha!

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  1. Dawne says

    Thanks for swatching these. I picked up Blinged & Brilliant and was about to pick up Amber Rush with it but they looked so similar in the container. I ran home to look for swatch comparisons and could find none. I see now that they are different enough that I can go back and get Amber Rush. Thanks!

  2. Lisa says

    Wow, thanks for comparing all those swatches! How does Blinged & Brilliant compare to the rose color in the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette?

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