L’oreal Infallible Limited Edition Miss Candy Collection (Quick Swatches!)

L’oreal Infallible’s Dive Right In, Strawberry Blonde, With a Twist, and Cherie Merie, $8.79 each

I was asked by a few of you to do some swatches on these new L’oreal Infallibles from L’oreal. I love Infallibles in general and these are really fun colors that I’m glad to see for Spring. I see myself getting the most use out of #342 With a Twist and #343 Cherie Merie. The pretty purple and coral are going to really be well used I’m sure. Dive Right In is a pretty aqua and Strawberry Blonde is a unique shimmery pink. At $8.79 each at CVS these are pricey but good.

I just love smoothing one of these on my eye with my fingers. I use my Infallible’s most during the Summer. Talk about a quick and easy eye look. These are it!

Here are some quick swatches. I took one picture in sunlight and the other outside but not in the sun. They are in the same order as above. From left to right-Dive Right in #340, Strawberry Blonde #341, With a Twist #342, and Cherie Merie #343.

Let me know if you’ve seen these in your town. They took forever to come to mine!

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  1. Tammy/Courbry says

    The only one that I don’t have is Dive Right In. I’m loving these. They are gorgeous. So pigmented. I finally found these at my CVS after I watched your video on them. Have a great weekend!!! :)

  2. otti says

    These shades are gorgeous!! So bright, perfect for summer time hehehe. I’m in love with the purple one, With a Twist, that one must look amazing on you Cristalis, have you try it yet?

  3. yolly424 says

    i love infallibles, and was so disappointed when i couldnt find any (not even one color), i wonder if they got sent to my area at all. :{

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