L’oreal Infallible Plumped Mauve Lipgloss

Before you even say it or think it I know I am not in need of a whole lot of lip plumping! But I wanted to see if I’d like this gloss. I love the color, Plumped Mauve is such a pretty everyday yet fancy shade. Check it out…









This gloss tingles after you put it on and yes I noticed a bit of plumping:) I think this gloss is a great idea and the color is fabulous but…..it also seems to get drier on my lips as time goes on during the day. Maybe it’s that tingling plumpin stuff that’s doing it? Anyway there is a huge difference between how you lips look initially and a few hours later without drinking or eating. If your eating and drinking it fades even faster.

I lost moisture all through the day. So if you’re looking for something that you don’t need to touch up or fades beautifully this isn’t it. It smells a little odd too. The scent is not pleasant and its strong. The gloss applicator is really large, I love that. It’s kind of like a triangular-shaped doe foot applicator. A few swipes and your lips are covered.

It looks amazing on though. Did I mention I LOVE the color?

So I’d say that I like this well enough because of the color but I wouldn’t get another shade. I don’t like the fading and how dryness creeps up on me while wearing this. I got better results when I put on some Mac Lip Conditioner on underneath. In fact that’s how I’ll be using it from here on out. Thank goodness using something underneath helps this, or else I would give it a much lower rating.

Rated C

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