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This is an interesting product from LUSH. I really love their stuff, I’ve been using Ambrosia for several months so I thought I’d tell you about it.

If you have sensitive skin this is a great shaving product. It’s a very nice creamy liquid so it’s really not your traditional shave cream. It’s the consistency of lotion, in fact it looks like Lubriderm to me. What I notice after using it is really smooth moisturized skin. The recommendation is to let it soak into your skin for 3-5 minutes before you start shaving. Who has time for that lol? I’m really happy with putting it on and shaving soon after. My skin looks and feels great. No angry irritated red skin or bumps. The soothing properties of the ingredients really make shaving a pleasure and a hassle free process.

Overall I love this, it’s really pricey though. For $17.95 you get 8.8oz.’s. WOWZA. This is more expensive than my Skintimates or Gillette Foamy that’s for sure!

Rated B

Disclosure: I purchased this product myself!

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