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This is one of the products that I save for special occasions. I use this yummy scented LUSH product when I need a little happiness in a tub. The smell is delicious. It’s like nothing I’ve ever smelled  before. The combo of roses, cocoa butter, almond oil, and some other scents equals something good enough to eat.

I wasn’t sure what to do with this when I got it. Honestly the amazing smell is what got me. I got this at a brand new LUSH store that opened up near me several months ago. The unbelievable smell is what sold it. So basically you just smooth Turkish Delight all over your skin in the shower. Who needs a product like that? Well I didn’t think much about that because I NEEDED the scent. That’s what I needed. It feels really great, not super-moisturizing on my dry skin but just good enough to leave a little moisture behind.

And its expensive. It’s $30 for 7 oz. I got my tub last August and I’ve rationed that baby out so it’s almost empty right before it expires next month:)

Turkish Delight is a special treat. I use it after an exhausting workout or a not so happy day. After a whiff of this, things look a lot better.

Rated B

Disclosure: I purchased this product myself!

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