Mac Archie’s Girls-Boyfriend Stealer & Feelin So Good

Mac Boyfriend Stealer Lipstick & Feelin So Good Lipglass ($16.50 each)

So many people asked me about this combo and I must say I love it! Boyfriend Stealer is a deep eggplant like lipstick shade (cremesheen formula) that looks beautiful on its own but add Feelin So Good to it and it’s fire!

Take a look at Boyfriend Stealer by itself on my lips.









It’s a fun deep shade. Not something I’d use everyday but something I’m inventing excuses to wear. That’s love…

To take it up a notch add Feelin So Good lip gloss and bam you’ve got a fierce little pair of smackers!

I’m going to wear this the next time I get work done on my car. This screams don’t mess with me and overcharge me buddy…or I will…cut you. Ha! Seriously this is comfortable to wear but it does require a little babysitting. You don’t want to leave this on coffee cups or eat a burger with this on.  Touch ups are needed but this is a pairing that makes a statement. I love it:) I must add though that Feelin So Good is kind of annoying when used alone. It just doesn’t work on me.

In daylight it even glows…just beautiful!

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  1. Jennifer says

    Wow boyfriend stealer looks great on you. I wouldn’t feel confident wearing this colour. Mac products ate so cheap in the US. Here in Australia we pay $32 for a lip stick :(

  2. Glenda says

    I LOVE how they look on you! It’s definitely your color:) I’m an NC15 so I passed on it because I didn’t think it would look so good on me:/

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