Mac Fashion Sets-Ablaze Lipstick & Lipglass








Mac Ablaze Lipstick & Lipglass, $15 each

I am late to the coral game. I didn’t realize that coral type shades are a really good fit for me. I love all things bright and I have missed out on all the pretty corals for many years of my makeup wearing life. I found my first coral love about two years ago when the Mac Surf Baby collection came out. I got Hibiscus and it was over. I’ve been snapping up corals ever since.

Ablaze is an eye-catching apricot cream. The matte lipstick is so smooth and easy to slap on, I love it!

This looks great alone and lasts for four hours without touch ups no problem. But if you really want to go for it check it out with the matching Lipglass!








Pretty huh? Perfect for Spring.

Check Ablaze out if you have a thing for corals or want to try a coral shade out for the first time. Don’t forget to look at my other Fashion Sets Embrace Me post if you love pink!

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  1. says

    Hmmmm this is nice. But I went on a coral/orange rampage year in 2011 and could a bunch of Revlon lipsticks. And I still want to pick up some more Vivids. Such a vicious cycle *long deep sigh* LOL! :D

    • says

      Lol. I hear ya. I have had Revlon Hot Coral and Mac’s Hibiscus on rotate for a few months a year now. I didn’t get that Maybelline Vivid Coral shade. I tried to exercise some self control…but God knows I’m late on that front. Ha!

      • says

        Lawd that should have been *got a bunch. I was switching out some stuff last night. My light/neutral/bright drawer wasn’t really full…..sheeeeiiitt now that thing is overflowing *head plam and shakes head* Doggone Vivids and Milani lol!

  2. Jenny08 says

    This was the one I’ve been lusting over, although I was very hesitant to get. I ordered the l/l, l/s and l/g on Nordstrom this morning. It looks good on you, but I’m darker with more pigmented lips. Do you think I will be able to wear all three together?

    • says

      The lipstick is so smooth and creamy and then when you add the gloss on top I can tell you its really pretty and comfortable to wear. It’s opaque so don’t worry about your lip color showing through. I think it will be so gorgeous and really pop beautifully against your beautiful skin tone:)

  3. Rayna says

    Hey All! I can’t wear matte lipsticks but think Ablaze is beautiful! Can anybody recommend a cream dupe, high end or drug store? I have Vegas Volt, but it’s lighter and more orange IMO….Thank You!

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