Mac Faux Lipstick…Another Nude-y Lipstick for Me?

I loved how so many of you weighed in on my experience with Mac Spice lipstick (check out the post here) recently. I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone and find some nude(ish) lipsticks and glosses to add to my stash.

Here is another contender! This is a pink-y nude so I’m really feeling it! It is Mac’s Faux lipstick and and I paired it with a Mac Lip Glass called Spite. Both are available on the Mac Cosmetics website right now. I just checked. I thought Spite was a limited edition gloss. But it’s available so maybe I got that wrong.

Faux Lipstick ($15) and Spite Lipglass ($15)









Can you see why I’m a little crazy about it? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Let me know if you have any favorite nudes you’d like to share. I’d love to hear what you like or your thoughts in general about “nude” lips.

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  1. says

    Very nice! Might have to check this out for myself. I picked up L’Oreal’s Mink (2 accidentally but that’s another story for another day). Ummm Call My Bluff from MAC which I think was limited edition. Another L’Oreal one called Color of Hope (I think). I have the lipstick and I hhhaaaaddd the gloss but of course I can’t find that joker. NYC’s Nude York City gloss. Some other’s that aren’t coming to mind right now. The whole nude is funny/confusing to me because everyone’s definition of nude is different.

    • says

      Thats so true. The definition of nude does vary. Some people don’t count the pink ones like this as being nudes but I do:) I don’t know why…you have some great colors I am going to google them all:)

      • says

        Ok continuing on (variations of pinky nude and nude nude):
        NYX Round Lipstick in Lala
        NYX Round Lipstick in Iced Honey
        Wet n’ Wild Lipstick in 902C
        NYX Jumbo Lip pencil in Hazelnut
        Buxom in Sugar
        Buxom in Lola
        Buxom in Lisa Couture
        Buxom in Lisa
        Buxom in Clair
        Buxom in Emily
        Bareminerals glossse in Glazed Donut, Sugar Cookie and Wild Honey
        BM Pretty Amazing in several different shades.
        Smashbox glosses (lip enhancing ones) in several shades
        Ok I’m done. Could keep listing but yea well lol!

  2. Rachel B. says

    Yup! Both look good on you! Maybe it’s the lighting (or my monitor), but they appear to be on the purple-ish rather than on the pink side.

  3. Tricia says

    Spite was one of my very first lipglasses I ever purchased. I haven’t repurchased in awhile but it’s one of my faves! I’ll have to check out Faux. Very pretty combo!

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