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I think I told you guys how much I love I love hanging out there and seeing swatches and pics of collections from my favorite brands before they come out. I am so excited about next months Heavenly Creature Collection and since I heard from a bunch of you about it when I posted some early pictures (check that post out here) I thought I’d get the list of products to you.

This is a large collection and I always like to plan (beauty military mission) ahead of time so in case you do too here is the list copied from and posted by LMD84 with color descriptions.

Update: Pics of everything on this amazing blog! I am DYING….

(North America – July 5, 2012/ International – July 2012)
Lipstick $14.50(USD)/ $17.50(CAD)
Pleasureseeker – Creamy peach (Glaze) (repromote)
Cut a Caper – Mid-tone peachy pink (Lustre) (repromote)
Venus – Sheer yellow pink with pearlized pigments (Lustre)
Fire Sign – Red-pink (Lustre)
Cusp of Dawn – Beige pink (Lustre)

Cremesheen Glass $19(USD)/ $22.50(CAD)
Celestial Kiss – Pale cool peach
Strictly Plutonic – Mid-tone pink brown
Meteoric – Mid-tone vibrant coral
Astral – Bright yellow pink
Galaxy Rose – Mid-tone violet pink

Mineralize Skinfinish $29(USD)/ $34(CAD)
Earthshine – Tarnished bronze with gold pearlized pigments and pink reflects
Light Year – Peachy pink with gold shimmer
Star Wonder – Plumy pink with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments
Center of the Universe – Coral with gold shimmer

Mineralize Blush $23(USD)/ $27(CAD)
Solar Ray – Peach and gold melange
Ring of Saturn – Terracotta and gold melange
Stratus – Amethyst and golden brown melange
Supernova – Magenta and burnt gold melange

187 Brush $42(USD)/ $50.50(CAD) – Duo fibre face brush
188 Brush $34(USD)/ $41(CAD) – Small duo fibre face brush

Mineralize Eye Shadow $20(USD)/ $24(CAD) – all frost finish
Aurora – Peach, green, and brown melange
Magnetic Attraction – Orange, pink and gold melange
Neo Nebula – Cream, warm amethyst and warm pink melange
Universal Appeal – Gold, bronze and violet melange
Invincible Light – Icy white, lavender and warm gold melange
Earthly – Beige, peach and cool brown melange
Water – Yellow, lime green and blue melange
Bright Moon – Grey, silver and icy green melange
Sky – Green gold, turquoise and cobalt melange

286 Brush $30(USD)/ $22.50(CAD) – Duo fibre tapered blending brush (repromote)

Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator $28(USD)/ $33.50(CAD)
-foaming, exfoliating scrub made with natural volcanic ash and sugar crystals (repromote)

Mineralize Charged Water Cleanser $23(USD)/ $27.50(CAD)
-a make up removing “water” that can literally wipe off most types of makeup without scrubbing or massaging. Formulated with M.A.C’s exclusive Charged Water technology (repromote)

Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel $37(USD/ $44.50(CAD)
-An ultra light gel cream that gives intensive hydration and moisture but leaves the skin feeling soft and supple. Infused with M.A.C’s exclusive Charged Water technology (repromote)

Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Eye Cream $35(USD)/ $42(CAD)
-A luxuriousand rich eye cream that improves and moisturizes the skin around the eye while reducing the look of dark circles and puffiness. Infused with M.A.C’s exclusive Charged Water technology (repromote)

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  1. says

    why don’t we just do a direct deposit of our paychecks right to MAC? HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  2. Barbette says

    I was doing so well, trying to put this collection out of my mind until July. After one look at the swatches, I am now sitting here rubbing my hands together and laughing to myself about all the pretty things that will be mine. Yes, like some evil, vilianous creature. So sad…

    • says

      You are not alone. I pretty much look at pictures and rub my hands together like that creepy guy from Lord of the Rings that says “my precious” all the time:)

  3. Steffie Jadotte says

    oh this collection is just amazingg! i never know what i want, but this collection im like give me EVERYTHINGG! LOL what are on your top list of products to get from this collection?

    • says

      I know the feeling this collection is huge and there is a lot to figure out as far as what is a must have. The MSF’s are always my favorites. I love the glow of an MSF. I’m going to get three of those out of the four coming out. I love the lipstick shades too because there is something for every skin tone. I love Mac red’s they always work so Fire Sign is a must for me. Not everyone loves the mineralize eye shades but if you have the patience to use them wet I think Sky and Water are good picks.

  4. Cares52 says

    Holy cow .. what a collection. I get a bit numb from seeing so many come out … but I may just get a couple of things from this one … oxo Care

  5. says

    I was so excited for this collection until I saw some swatches online! I was really prepping myself to spend a lot on this collection, so I’m kind of happy there wasn’t much that really got me excited. Granted, they weren’t very good swatches, but even so. I didn’t really see much that caught my eye. I think I’m going to set aside some money for:

    -Cut a Caper Lipstick
    -Star Wonder Mineralize Skinfinish
    -Volcanic Ash Exfoliator

    • says

      Sounds good, I’m still waiting to see more swatches myself! I have quite a few mineralize eye shadows and i don’t want colors that are similar.

  6. LaDaphne says

    Hey Crystal! Are you still loving Earthshine? I think that Earthshine and Stratus were simply adorable. One more question.. haha. Did you pick up Cusp of Dawn? I dont hear very many WOC talking about it. I picked up Venus, Cut a Caper, and Fire Sign but I still want Cusp of Dawn…

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