Mac Lady Danger (Matte) Lipstick

I’m going through a matte phase. First it was eyeshadows and now its lipstick!

Lady Danger is a coral type red that is bright and a lot of fun to wear. It looks kind of  scary in the tube and thats why I like it! I love red lipstick and gloss but don’t have many bright almost neon like red shades like this. In my personal opinion this color seems to glow a little which is why I never purchased it before. But I wanted to see if I could make it work and now I’m a big fan.

















I won’t lie thought the first time I applied this shade I was thinking OH…NO. I didn’t think it looked good. Because its a matte shade you do have to put a little effort into smoothing it out and filling your lips in fully. Also upon further testing I found that starting off with a good balm really helps this color “spread” faster and more smoothly. In fact thats true for all my Mac Matte shades. I use Mac Prep & Prime Lip but I think your favorite balm will work just fine. I’m getting a good amount of wear-about 5 hours so this color is a great addition to my stash. Check it out on your next visit to the Mac counter! This lipstick shade is a part of the permanent line for $14.50.

If you’ve got time Google Mac Lady Danger then choose images and you will see this shade on a lot of lips. It looks pretty on all of them regardless of the skin tone to me. I spend so much time on Google they should charge me hourly…ha!

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  1. laura m. says

    ohh, it looks scary for me, but amazing on you!!!! Is this what you are wearing in your Urban Decay Giveaway video? Cause I love it.

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