(CLOSED)Mac Marilyn Monroe Love Goddess Lipstick Giveaway!

I am so sorry that Mac’s Marilyn Monroe Collection is sold out online. I was thinking about it last night and I don’t really need a Love Goddess lipstick backup so lets do a giveaway! I’d love to share this beautiful shade with one of you!

I took pictures of my lipstick-I haven’t even opened the other Love Goddess and I thought it would be better if it stays that way!









Good luck everyone! International entries are welcome.

Have a great Friday!

Please make sure you wait for the Rafflecopter giveaway to come up below to enter. If you can’t see it right away you will soon! Thanks:)

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  1. Pamela says

    I’d love to try any MAC lipstick to be honest since I dont have any at the moment but I’ve heard so many great things about them :) If this one was my first it would be even more great !

  2. Amber H. says

    MAC Paint Pot in Painterly. I have very purple eyelids so this helps cancel that out and get me ready for some rockin’ eyeshadow!

  3. says

    As a huge fan of mac there are many products that I would still love to try. I would love to try the Superb highlighter from the multi dimensionsonal collection, i missed that one. My favourite go to lip stick is Angel, a classic.

    Thanku for a fab giveaway!!!xoxo

  4. Tanya says

    I’ve never tried any MAC products, but I’d like to try their lipstick in Creme Cup since it’s such a cult favorite!

  5. Hannah B. says

    I sadly haven’t tried any Mac products yet…but I would LOVE to try one of their lipsticks (love this color!) or a blush! The color selections of the blushes look amazing! :)

  6. Genia says

    i would love to try the preffered blonde eyeshadow or a simple eyeshadow brush!! i wanted stuff from their for a long time but their so expensive :( thanks for hosting this giveaway :)<3

  7. Nancy says

    I love the Mac paint pot in painterly. I have oily lids and it helps to keep my eyeshadow on longer and it helps to also even out my lid color.

  8. Rebekah says

    My favorite mac product is macs lipstick in bombshell. Thank you for doing a giveaway i hope i win. i really want this lipstick.

  9. Shannon says

    My favorite Mac product would be the eyeshadows. I have woodwinked, carbon, and another brown shadow whose name has rubbed off on the bottom :(. I want to try the MSF.

  10. Anne says

    i’ve never tried anything from mac but i really want to try one of their eyeliners since i have really oily eyelids i need something longwearing

  11. Lisa S. says

    I’m a blonde so I think Scarlet Ibis might be my favorite lip stick, but I can and do wear reds too and always look forward to the trends when RED IS BACK. Love your vids!

  12. Heather says

    Someday I’m going to try the fix plus setting spray. I am a MAC lipstick collector/addict! This is really kind of you to do a giveaway like this; not sure if I could part with it! lol Thanks!

  13. Caitlin says

    Oh My God. Its gorgeous! You do such wonderful give aways.

    Well I don’t own any mac products yet do to a lack of funds :P, but I would love to try almost anything. The thing I want to try the most is the Ruby Woo lipstick and this one now too!

    Xo Caitlin

  14. Tricia says

    Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite MAC product is sadly another LE lipstick–Lightly Ripe from the Cult of Cherry Collection. Luckily I had a backup but it’s almost gone!

  15. Lisa Jean-Francois says

    This is a really generous offer, made even more so IMO since I just saw the entire collection of lipsticks on eBay. I was really looking forward to picking up both love goddess and scarlet ibis.

  16. Laura M says

    My favorite MAC product are the lipsticks! I especially love imPassiOned and Angel! I think they have great color selection, lots of different formulas to choose from and I love the vanilla scent! You are one Imif the kindest and more genuine givers Crystal! You give really so others can have things you like and for no other gain. Such a sweet person!

  17. says

    Mac Camden Chic was my introduction to the wonderful world of Mac reds, and I really want to add Love Goddess to the collection!! This giveaway is so generous of you! :)

  18. Seven says

    I’m looking for an everyday red and Love Goddess seems like it would really fit the bill since it pulls a little pink. A little less intimidating. I’d love to try it!

  19. ronnique says

    My favorite MAC product is C-Thru lip glass, it goes well over matte lipstick to give them a little pop, but I would love to try Love Goddess!

  20. Emma says

    My favourite mac product is Viva Glam Cyndi lipstick and also Chatterbox lipstick. I would love love love to have love goddess

  21. bishie says

    my bday is coming soon so I’m going to go and buy all that glitters, amber lights and eventually the lip liner chestnut :)

  22. Alicia Smith says

    My absolute favorite MAC product would have to be the lipstick fanfare! it’s such a perfect pink for my skin tone. I would absolutely love to try MACS ruby woo! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  23. Kathleen says

    Mine would be Party Parrot Lipstick! It pops so much on my skin tone and I always get tons of compliments when I wear it :)

  24. Veronica says

    i only have 3 Mac products and i love my 2 viva glam lipsticks and my blush in Super Nova but i would like to try the Marylin Monroe lipsticks and mac eye shadows

  25. natashia says

    The MAC lipstick I want to try ( well i have two!) its spring here in New Zealand so I want to try Vegas Volt. And as I’ve heard so much about Ruby Woo, I’d like to have that one too. I didn’t really like red but now I’m in love with red lips :) Your inflence Crystal LOL

  26. Alena N. says

    Never triedany MAC products before – they just almost unreachable at our cool, lonely and dark place. But! I’ve seen and read and heard SOOOOOOOO muchmuchmuch of their lipsticks that now I feel like ohmygodI really am greateful you’ve made this giveaway and that international people are also welcome. So… Thank youuuu!!!

  27. Miranda says

    I don’t own any MAC, the Marilyn collection is the first I’ve gotten really excited about…then I over slept :/
    Also it is so sweet of you to give your backup to one of us, just another reason why you’re one of my absolute favorite Youtubers :)

  28. karen says

    My favorite blush by M.A.C. is Fleet Fast. I were it everyday. It is perfect shade of coral pink for my complexion.

  29. says

    I live for Love Goddess. I’m actually thinking of getting a back up when it is released in Nordstrom since Mac is all sold out. I so wanted the Beauty Powder but it was just wayyy to light and powdery for me to even use as a hightlight :(

  30. Adrienne says

    I am in love with my Mac Matchmaster foundation! It has been so hard to find a good foundation, and the Matchmaster is a dream come true!

  31. Orel says

    My favorite Mac products are the cheek products- blushes (especially Gingerly and Springsheen), Skinfinishes (Soft and gentle, light year) and of course- the luster drops!!!
    thanks so much for the giveaway!

  32. consuelo says

    I love theblush Melba and I love the syrup lipstick pretty shades.
    thank you and I love reading ur blog and ur videos are the best cuz I love the wat you speak about the produts Xoxo

  33. Magda says

    My favourite product is MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter,and I would love to try pink pigeon and love goddes :) and to my misfortune both are sold out

  34. Elizabeth says

    Goodness, tough question! If I had to pick, my favorite item would be my MAC Moth Brown eyeshadow….But I also love the mineral concealer!

  35. says

    •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I adore Ruby Woo !!!

  36. caroline says

    I absolutely LOVE Satin Taupe ES, it’s an absolute must have for me, for those lazy days where i just want to use an all over ES

  37. Monique says

    My favorite items from mac have to be there cherry lip liner, ruby woo lipstick, girl about towb lipstick, and russian red lipstick.

  38. Brittany C. says

    I havent gotten to try any mac product yet but i would love to try one of their matte palettes. Maybe I’ll save up for one :-)

  39. says

    I’ve never bought anything from MAC! I want to try their lipsticks though, since people rave about them! OH! And those dazzleglosses :)

  40. msjay97 says

    Im normally a lip balm girl but would love to get a shot at this lovely lippie thanks for this awesome giveaway : )

  41. jody says

    My favorite Mac product? That changes every so often. Right now, it is Play it Proper, but Woodwinked is my all time favorite, since day one with Mac for me.

    This is so sweet of you to giveaway your backup. :-)

  42. Abby M says

    I’ve never tried any MAC products because I’ve been broke, but I got a new job so I’m open to a whole new world of cosmetics. Would love to try basic face makeup and eyeshadows.

  43. says

    My favorite MAC product is still the Matchmaster Foundation! one year, two bottles later, i still love it just as much as i did the first time!

  44. Natali says

    I would love to have Love Goddess. I only have one lipstick by MAC – Rebel – which I believe was part of the sexy collection (if I’m not wrong). I love Rebel but it’s not exactly a everyday, wearable color. I think Love Goddess looks more wearable than that color. Thank you so much for the giveaway. I tried to get this lipstick online but it was sold out =(
    Thanks again! =)

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