Mac Peony Petal Blush Giveaway!

Want to win Mac’s Peony Petal Blush from the Tres Cheek Collection…?

International entries are welcome! Good luck everyone!


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  1. Karen says

    I have several palettes and too many to count. My favorite are my la’femme blushes and I have 3 palettes of those.

  2. destine2grow says

    I have about 15 blushes that I can remember. I don’t have a blush palette but I want to own 2 by the end of the year.

  3. Samantha M. H. says

    My favorite blush right now is Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush in Natural. =)

  4. Nobu says

    I think I have 8! I used to not like blushes because poor application makes you look like you have a ton of makeup on but applied well and it makes you glow :)

  5. Amber says

    I currently have about 10 blush, but only about 4 or 5 that I wear very often. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  6. Kelsey says

    I have 2 blushes. One is the hardcandy fox in a box in spicy and sweet and the other is the benefit hervana that i won from your anniversary giveaway :)

  7. says

    Between blush palettes and singles, I have about 25. Hmmm, do highlighters count as blushes? Oy. If they do, I think that number climbs to at least 30…

  8. Alexcia says

    I know this color will look good on me!!!!
    BTW…I broke down and bought the Naked palette (the first one). I really cannot afford this habit…I haven’t spent this much money on make since I was in my 20s.

  9. Eileen says

    Blushes/rouge — not counting lipstick stand-in…probably a bit over 30 actual blushes in keeping with the earth tones, shimmers, pink, roses, reds, rusts, and on and on.

    Fingers crossed.

  10. Maiada says

    I have only 3 :)
    1 coral blush from artdeco and 1 palette from beauty UK which has 2 colors (pink and plum)

  11. Alecia says

    I just counted and I have 22 including a couple cream blushes too. I am slowly building my blush stash. The only blushes I buy are MAC and Nars so far as they are my favorite brands. I have been hoping to start adding in some Illamasqua blushes too :) Thank you for a chance to win this beautiful blush. I have nothing like it in my collection so it would be a great addition to my collection!! ;)

  12. charlotte says

    Not as many as some… for some reason I have a hard time with blush, it never really looks natural on me. I have quite a bit of hyperpigmentation leftover from my pregnancies, and I think that may be part of the problem. I have 3 wnw, 1 truematch, 4 milani, 6 nyc cream blushes, 2 elf cream blushes, 2 bouncy blushes, and 2 dream mousse. My favs are the milani’s… they have really great blushes. The truematch is also really nice, but really natural. It is the one that matches my foundation in the brand and it really is completely natural on me. I think those are pretty underrated.

  13. Kimberley Winters says

    I don’t have alot of blushes! sometimes they don’t exactly look the most natural on me! I have 6 blushes though………….. I tried the peony petal one on at mac and it looked completely gorgeous but natural on me! sadly It is too expensive! thanks so much for the giveaway Crystal!!

  14. says

    I have about 15 blushes. Which is crazy because I used to NEVER wear blush and I thought it was a pretty useless product. I’ve clearly seen the error of my ways. :) Between MAC, NARS, Tarte, theBalm and Milani I have so many great blushes.

  15. Pernille says

    I have just around 3 or 4 blushes and i can’t live without them. They bring so much life into your face instead of looking all pale.

  16. Courtney says

    I only have about 5. I know it’s not that much but I know it will take me forever to finish them all.

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