Mac Please Bring It Back: Hibiscus (Cremesheen Finish)


This is one of my most used Mac lipsticks. I got Hibiscus from the Surf Baby collection years ago and I’m so glad that I did. It’s one of the first orange/corals that I got and really took to. It really pops against the skin and looks beautiful. It’s a Spring/Summer favorite.



It’s the perfect shade for warmer weather but hey I wear it during the winter also! The thing about this is…I never wear Hibiscus alone. A gloss came out in the same collection called Strange Potion and I love it with Hibiscus. I like the way that they look together so much that I always wear them together. So really they are one of the most used lip duo of shades in my collection! Take a look!


Strange Potion Lipglass just lightens Hibiscus up a little bit depending on how much I add. I love the glossier finish as well. If I add a lot of Strange Potion it really changes the color and one of the neatest things that you can do is create an ombre effect with these two. But most of the time I add just a little gloss for shine.



Hibiscus should be permanent. This is just pure gorgeousness Mac…bring it back!


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