Mac Please Bring It Back: Love Goddess (Satin Finish)


This one came out in Mac’s Marilyn Monroe collection back in 2012 and I’m not even going to lie this shade darn near completes me. I love this pinky red and it really has a special place in my stash. One of the things that is so wonderful besides the color is the fact that the satin finish is really good. This lipstick goes on like butter!


Now the staying power on this isn’t extraordinary but thats ok because reapplying is a pleasure! I think Love Goddess has the perfect amount of pink in it to make someone that doesn’t like super red shades happy. It’s not as intimidating as a red lipstick can be for some. Well enough talk lets take a look at it!


The idea that one day I’m going to get to the end of my tube of this makes me sick inside. It needs to be permanent darn it!


I guess I’ll enjoy it while I have it! If you picked this one up pat yourself on the back:)

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  1. Ronda says

    Love this lipstick. Honestly, all of the lipsticks from the collection has a special place in my heart. I see I need to bust this lipstick out of my collection. I really like this color on you.

  2. dino says

    This color looks amazing!! Let me just say, I was one of those women who thought I could not wear bright lipsticks cos I was dark skinned and then I found you. You have opened a world I never thought existed and I thank you!!

  3. Delinda says

    I too thought I could not wear bright colors due to my skin color and my being a plus size girl. But, I have to say thank you to you because you opened my eyes to bright shades of lipsticks. So Thank you.

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