Mac Please Bring It Back: Rocker Lipstick (Matte Finish)


This lipstick is fantastic. I picked this up from a By Request collection Mac had about two years ago. When I think of Fall I think of Rocker! It’s deep but not too deep and I just love the unique sparkle that it has. Yes I said SPARKLE! The funny thing is the first time I applied it I thought something was wrong. I felt these little flecks in the lipstick formula. Turns out they are supposed to be there and they have the coolest effect on the lipstick. I actually captured it in the pictures for this post and I really didn’t think I would be able to. Check out the tiny sparkly blue and silver flecks in the following photos. It is not really easy to see but its there!



It’s not over the top sparkle but it’s really cool and adds a little something special to this color. They should offer more shades like this. A matte finish with a little bit of sparkle…yes please!


They need to make this shade a permanent one! I think it’s unique enough to really be apart of many makeup lovers stashes. And I don’t even need to say that it’s perfect for Fall do I? It’s burgundy goodness. The lasting power on this is fantastic by the way. It’s a comfortable matte finish (not the retro one!) so I can get through meals etc. with this one. Very few touch ups are needed.

Mac please bring it back!


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  1. Devin says

    I could cry!! I had this first time around and for so long it went rancid and I still used it. I don’t know why it went bad! Yes it was just EVERYTHING to me. When I bought it I had no idea it was L.E. I didn’t even realize that was a thing. I’ve just about boycotted MAC ever since. Except for this Rocky Horror collection coming out I am still bitter.

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