Mac Pleasure Principle and She-Zam Dazzleglass Comparison

A few of you asked for a comparison of the new Dazzleglass shades Pleasure Principle and She-Zam from the Glitter and Ice Collection. Both colors are really great but here are some pictures that I hope help you guys decide:)









Pleasure Principle









They are both so beautiful, its hard to decide which one to go with. Pleasure Principle is the more eye-catching look at me choice. It’s got blue, purple, and pink glitter in it that glimmers in the light. She-Zam is mostly silver glitter.

Here are both glosses in a low light picture side by side so that you can see the difference in the glitter hopefully. She-Zam is on top in the picture and Pleasure Principle is on the bottom.

I hope this post helps! It’s hard to decide but if I had to, I’d go for the Pleasure Principle!

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