Mac Pro Longwear Lipglass-Driven By Love









This gloss is from Mac’s Styledriven collection. It was a pain in the butt to work with! I love red and when I saw this bright and beautiful shade swatched I was really excited about trying it. But from the first time I pulled the wand out of the tube I knew I was in for some trouble.

There are a few of these in the Styledriven collection. The Pro Longwear Lipglasses are $18.50 each (.06oz) and according to the Mac website last for six hours. This is a very thick formula. It’s a bit too sticky for my tastes as well. With such a deep glossy color you have to get this on your lips exactly right or else well you look a bit crazy. It’s very unforgiving and a hell of a lot of work to maintain throughout a day. I couldn’t help but wonder “what is going on with my lips” several times during the day. So if you’re a worrier this isn’t for you. It wears off unevenly too. After a meal I definitely had to retouch my lips.

Taking a decent picture of this for you took FOREVER. Here is my best effort.

Driven By Love lasts longer than most gloss does on me. But I felt the time it takes to get this to go on evenly and stay looking presentable through the day isn’t worth it. I’ll definitely keep this for special occasions but this is only going to be pulled out when I have the time and energy to strive for movie star lips!

Rated C

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