Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot-Eclair (Baking Beauties Collection)









Mac Pro Longwear Eclair Paint Pot, $18.50 at

I lurve Mac Paint Pots! I picked up only one thing from the Baking Beauties Collection that was released from Mac recently and this is it! I knew I’d love the color and this shade is going to be perfect for all the gold looks that I do every Summer!









Love this! Just a tip that I learned from a few people on YouTube. Store all your cream shadows/products like this facing top down. Basically you should be able to see the name of the Paint Pot when you have it stored in your makeup drawer which is good anyway if you are grabbing colors in a hurry! They last forever that way for some reason. I heard from someone that a Paint Pot they have is still going strong after five years! I store all my Maybelline Color Tattoos, L’oreal Hip Cream Eyeliners, and Tom Ford Cream Shadows etc. this way. They are as creamy and perfect as the day I got them.

When waiting for this release me and a makeup friend were wondering if Eclair would be close in color to our favorite Paint Pot of all time Constructivist. I’m glad to say it’s not! Here is a comparison of Eclair with Constructivist and Indianwood two other Mac Paint Pots that I use quite a bit. Feel free to click on the pics to make them bigger!









Constructivist, Eclair, and Indianwood Paint Pots

Check this Paint Pot out if you are in the market for a pretty golden brown shade!

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  1. LeToya says

    Beautiful, I was going to pass because I thought it was dupe for Constructivist. *dialing my MAC contact* LOL

  2. Tonya says

    Wow. Such a pretty color! Is this limited edition? (Forgive me if you mentioned this in the post it’s been one of those days)

    • says

      It’s ok I didn’t mention it in the post cause I’m not sure. I’m thinking its limited edition though. I wish something this beautiful would be permanent!

  3. toni says

    kinda reminds me of Laura Mercier cream eyeshadow (the rose gold one) i can’t remb the name. i do own constructivist and the laura mercier one and the maybelline bad the the bronze- so many browns so much to love lol

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