Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pots (Swatched!)

Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pots ($18.50 each)

Mac has released a new Pro Longwear Paint Pot collection and I’ve got some swatches for you! I already had Blackground and Dangerous Cuvee but the other shades are new to me. Many were released in 2010 as part of the Cham Pale collection so check your stash before you get any of these. Antique Diamond and Frozen Violet are brand new though and beautiful! So excited about them:)

Here are the swatches!

Blow em up if you need to by clicking on the picture! The colors are shown left to right or top to bottom depending on the picture.








Blackground, Dangerous Cuvee, Antique Diamond, and Frozen Violet

And the last three beauties!









Let Me Pop, Chilled on Ice, and Vintage Selection

I didn’t pick up Let’s Skate. It’s been out before so if your interested check out swatches online. These aren’t limited edition so pick em up when you can. No rush.

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