Mac Quite Cute Collection Countdown!







Jinx waiting patiently for the latest Mac collection to come out…..


I thought I’d skip the pictures of the collection just because they might be burned into your head just like mine. Are you ready for this Mac sweet as candy collection? I am!

Since the pictures first came out I was all over this one. Even though the reviews are out for this one (some good, some bad) I am sticking to my original list and hoping for the best! Do you have a wish list? Here is mine….

Lipsticks: Candy Yum-Yum (neon pink), Saint Germain (pastel pink), and Playtime (violet) $14.50 each

Quad: Cutie Eyeshadow Palette $36

Blush: Giggly (light pink) $23

Nail Polish: Little Girl Type (lavender), Ice Cream Cake (pink), Mischievous (pale blue) $14 each

Tell me what you want to check out from this collection if anything!


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  1. Andrea says

    I want the same lipsticks as you and all of the blushes. I’m going to pass on the quad even though it’s pretty because I know I’ll never wear it.

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