Mac Riri Woo and a LOT of Mac & Drugstore Comparisons!









Which one of the above lipsticks is Riri Woo?

The one on the (above) right is Riri! Hard to tell them apart huh? Yeah I think Riri is a tad bit deeper but not by much! Here are some side by side hand swatches. Please remember with these pictures you can make them larger by clicking on them.








Mac Ruby Woo (left) and Riri Woo

I love both colors and I think there is a slight difference in texture as well. Riri is a little bit easier on the lips but that could be because it’s new. I’m not a fan of the old Mac matte texture or retro whatever they are calling it…I prefer the new mattes from Mac that have come out recently. They glide on and really look and feel amazing. I didn’t use any balm in the pictures above but I would most likely have to unless my lips are in really great condition. Ruby and Riri are kinda DRY!








I’m glad I picked up Riri. I don’t know if your new to this blog but if your not you know I love my reds! But if you were to ask me if you need Riri if you already have Ruby I’d say no. The difference between the two is not enough to warrant the extra money in my book. If you missed out on the release your next chance is coming in June so watch out for it! Mac is going to sell a ton of these!

I was asked to compare this shade to Mac lipsticks and some drugstore ones so here we go!

First up Mac lipstick comparisons-all of these shades are limited edition except for Russian Red.









Mac Ronnie Red (matte), Riri Woo (retro matte), Such Flare! (matte), and Red Racer (satin)









Mac Russian Red (matte), Riri Woo (retro matte), Ruffian Red (matte), and Charmed I’m Sure (matte)









Mac Runaway Red (satin), Riri Woo (retro matte), and Heartless (amplified)

And some drugstore lipstick comparisons…first up Milani Color Statement reds!








High Voltage #04 (vinyl), Red Label #05 (cream), Mac Riri Woo, Best Red #07 (matte), and Ruby Valentine #08 (vinyl)









Wet n Wild Stoplight Red 911D, Mac Riri Woo, Rimmel Kate Moss Kiss of Life #111, and Wet n Wild Red Velvet 910D









Revlon Really Red (matte), Mac Riri Woo, Maybelline Vivid On Fire Red, and Covergirl Hot #305

Whew. That’s a lot of swatchin!

I am going to let you take all this in. I think that there are a lot of lower cost reds that are just as beautiful as Riri Woo out there. And they are going to be an improvement when it comes to comfort and finish. I personally like a tad bit of a creamier matte texture. Something I don’t have to add a balm to if I want to wear it.

Let me know your thoughts on all of this. I would love to hear where you stand on this but please be polite and respectful in your comments. I notice that things get rather heated with topics like this and it’s okay to be passionate about your views but sometimes you have a better chance of getting your point across by speaking nicely and talking about facts instead of being a smart mouth:) Good God I just sounded like my mama….

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  1. says

    Don’t own Ruby. Did get Riri. Haven’t worn it yet but from various swatches I’ve seen this was hyped big time. I don’t regret my purchase but I probably could have done without since I have other reds that I love. Some of which you did swatch. Dah well. MAC got me once again lol! Makes me leery yet again to get caught up in the collection hype and stick with items in the permanent line. Ruby and Riri do look very similar on the lips.

    • says

      They do. If you are looking for brightness Ruby Woo wins. They were a little shady about the color information in my opinion…I think they downplayed how similar these two are.

      • says

        They really were with the info. Smart on their part. I’m sure its part of the reason it sold out so quickly. If some knew how similar they are to each other I think some would have passed out Riri. I still see it selling out again in June.

  2. Destine2grow says

    I own Ruby Woo and I was piss I was in a meeting at work and could not order RiRi Woo. Although they are very similar I still want RiRi Woo! Crystal you are making me LOVE red lipsticks!

  3. AwesomenessV says

    Are the textures different? Ruby woo is sooooo drying! Unlike candy yumyum which is matte as well.

    • says

      Riri and Ruby Woo have the same drying formula to me. Riri feels a tad bit better but that may be because its a new lipstick. I prefer the new mattes that they have (like Candy Yum Yum) like the other mattes I swatched for the post. They go on smooth and are way more comfortable to wear. I’m not a fan of the retro matte formula that Riri has or Ruby Woo cause its very drying and I need balm to make it work all day.

  4. Lissan says

    Riri Woo will be my first real lipstick….so I am excited to get it in the mail tomorrow. It looks great on you! I am fair and I hope it works on my complexion.

  5. Sabina says

    Thanks for the comparisons! I stopped in a MAC store in the past week, and a representative told me that Riri Woo is a combination of two MAC reds Rihanna wears, Ruby Woo and Viva Glam I (I think that’s the correct color). I don’t own either, so I do plan to pick it up when it becomes available again in June. It looks like a nice color!

  6. says

    Ririwoo broke my heart. I dunno what I was expecting… bluer, brighter, darker, lighter, SOMETHING… just different. On me, there is absolutely no difference between the two of them. I knew there was a reason that therewweren’t press samples sent to bloggers. I definitely would’ve passed or at least waited until it was in LE packaging if id known it was the same lipstick, different tube.

  7. T.R. says

    Well I initially passed then was bummed I missed it but I’m not in a hurry. I don’t own Ruby Woo but my MAC reds are Russian Red and M.A.C. Red, not to mention the slew of other reds I have from Dior to Wet n Wild. Red is my color so I own a lot. LOL. I may get it in June but no rush on my part. And it’s drying.

  8. otti says

    Great and very helpful comparison, thanks so much. Having Ruby Woo I guess I’ll pass out Ririwoo, actually I’m not much into reds.

  9. says

    Ok checking back in. Got on RiRi today. I like it. Formula is a little drier to me. This ish stays on yo lips! I’m drinking coffee now and ain’t nothing but a tiny bit on my cup! Undecided right now if I want a backup tube.

  10. Kierra Dixon says

    I haven’t bought Ruby Woo and I love red lipsticks and I need a red. Is Riri Woo really worth it? I want it but I don’t want to waste my money and time…

  11. mel b says

    OMG….I just found your youtube page, because I was searching for people doing reviews on Macs Temperature Rising collection. I’ve watched a few of your videos so far. I am sooo happy I found your page!!!! I have to say, aside from ruby woo, I thought ririwoo might be similar to such flare, and you are the ONLY one I’ve seen thus far, do a comparison. I feel like everyone is soo focused on ririwoo and rubywoo, that other lipsticks like such flare have been forgotten, for comparison. I love such flare and from your swatches it seems pretty similar as well as a host of other lipsticks. Thanks for doing these swatches. They are great!
    p.s. sorry for the long post.

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