Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick-Don’t Sleep On This Classic!









Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick (.1 oz./$15)

When you think of classic reds what colors do you think of? I automatically think of Ruby Woo. It’s a matte and its very red! It’s my favorite kind of red actually the blue-red of my dreams. It pops of my skin like a STOP sign as only the perfect blue-reds do. I know some people prefer warmer reds but I don’t. If I’m going to do red its going to be the traffic stopping kind.

I took this picture after wearing Ruby Woo for five hours. Still looks good to me! A little fading around the edges but good.

See how it glows? Love it. But here is the downside. It’s a dry matte. I think that Mac has greatly improved their matte formula in the last year or so. I’ve purchased several matte lipsticks and they have been really comfortable to wear and not at all drying. I’ve had this tube of Ruby Woo for about 2 years or so and it’s dry as all get out. I prep my lips with Mac Lip Conditioner before even attempting to do some Ruby Woo.

I am not sure if the new matte formula is being used on existing colors. I really do hope it is because Lady Danger and Ruby Woo could use an update formula wise. If my next tube of either can be like Ruffian Red, Heroine, and Quick Sizzle it would be great. They are all mattes but they smooth on easily and I love the texture. They are all limited edition but the matte formula should live on.

Are there any other reds from Mac that you love? Please let us know. I did a video on my favorite reds recently and included Ruby Woo but I know there are some other great reds from Mac. What are your favorites? Do tell!

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  1. Jenny08 says

    I was just thinking about Mac Ruby Woo and actually put it on today! That’s funny. RW looks great on you! I’m NC50 and it just POPS against my skin! I’m thinking of doing a look with that this weekend. Laura Mercier Black Karat on the eyes and Ruby Woo on the lips! :)

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