Mac Vacant Lipglass-Gareth Pugh Collection

I really got off track during the holidays and forgot to show you a few things! Forgive me for playing catch up but I have a lot of things to show you in the next week or so!

Here goes one of the items I hauled from a recent Mac collection. It’s a frosty pinkish Lipglass called Vacant. I don’t shy away from frosty colors like most people, even though some most likely think I should!

The truth is that I just wanted to see what it would look like on my lips. Sometimes I really like frostier shades because instead of fighting the pigmentation that I have on my lips they work with it…so it looks really neat. I’m glad to say this is one of those happy surprises. It does look interesting and I have been wearing it quite a bit! I am glad I picked this color up. It’s getting a thumbs up for just the right amount of pink glimmer for my lips.









Does it seem to you like Mac is churning out collections faster than any business should? I just saw some posts on the collection that is coming out on the 26th. I can’t keep up! I might pick up two or three things but wow, they can’t keep up this pace can they?

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