Mac’s Dish It Up, Runaway Red, and Quick Sizzle

I purchased three lipsticks from the recent Shop Mac, Cook Mac Collection. After looking over six of the lipstick colors available in the collection I decided that these three would be great for me!

Here are hand swatches of Dish It Up, Runaway Red, and Quick Sizzle.









Dish It Up, Runaway Red, and Quick Sizzle (left to right)

Dish It Up (Lustre) Lipstick is a pretty purple/pink. I really like how pretty this looks on and I’ve always liked Lustre finishes from Mac. I’m a sucker for a shade like this. I know some will say that this isn’t good for everyday wear but to me it is!









Runaway Red (Satin) is a nice grown up sexy red. Its sophisticated and really pretty on. I like deep red shades like this. I didn’t pick this color up when it came out a few collections ago so I was really glad I had a second chance at it.









Quick Sizzle (Matte) is not for the shy. I decided to try it out and I’m glad that I did. I love Mac Matte lipsticks. They are comfortable on the lips and don’t fade badly. I took all these swatches while letting my hair dry (was the blue towel around my shoulders a clue?) but I saved Quick Sizzle for last because this is the color I want to wear the rest of the day. It’s just so bright and beautiful! Depending on the light it looks like neon pink on your lips!

If you want a more glossy finish just add some clear gloss on after applying. I usually don’t but it looks really nice if you do and added moisture is always good right?









I hope this was helpful if your interested in taking a look at this collection when it’s in stores on February 9th. I’m in love with my three picks, let me know if you plan on getting any lip products from Mac’s latest collection.

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