Mac’s Flighty Collection-I’m Skipping It!



















A bunch of people have asked me about what I want to get from the Mac Flighty Collection. And I thought I’d tell you all I’m going to skip it! I don’t think the Big Bounce shadows will work for me. I got kind of disappointed/scared about what to do with them. I have read a lot of reviews and I was thinking they were going to be something you could use alone or along with regular eyeshadow. Now after looking at reviews I am not sure what I would do with them so I’m going to skip the whole thing.

Please let me know if you get them and if you like them. I’d love to know! Maybe it’s just one of those things that I have to play with at my local Mac counter? But the colored mascara’s look great. That I must say.

Let me tell you what I am excited about that is coming up from Mac. SURF BABY later in May and…the big one…SEMI PRECIOUS coming out in July! I am skipping the Flighty collection so I can go nuts on the 12 Mineralize Eye Shadows in the SEMI PRECIOUS collection. July can’t come soon enough for me!

Are you looking forward to SURF BABY or SEMI PRECIOUS? Do tell!

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