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Have you seen these Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner’s yet? I have over and over again. I’ve seen them so many times that I want one of  them….a lot. These aren’t supposed to smudge at all and they come in some great colors. But they are $23 each! Wow that limits how many I can get. The handle looks great and I really think I could be dangerous with this.

Has anyone tried one of these MUFE Aqua Liners yet? Was it worth getting? Do tell!

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  1. Amber says

    I recently tried the Black Matte one and the Diamond Black one and the Emerald Green one, I think they’re really pretty! I like the formula and applicator tip. The Diamond Black one isn’t very sparkly though, so I wouldn’t buy that one again.

  2. Caroline R says

    I swatched them at Sephora the other day, how i resisted? I’m still wondering! I’m definitely getting a few of these, the application went on like a breeze, they pigmentation is fantastic and they have great colors. The only thing is i found them a bit too liquid and it took a few seconds to dry. Definitely get one!

      • Caroline R says

        OK so i got 2 yesterday: a black one and the emeral one.
        The emeral one is glittery, looks amazing.
        I’ve seen darker eye liners than the black one but it’s still quite dark.
        There’s something about the felt tip though….it’s a bit too stiff for my liking. Plus, you need to dip it again quite a few times to get more product. They’re not bad, only tried them twice so far so i have to play with it a bit more but hmmm…..It’s give it a 4/5 stars

        • says

          I’ve heard mixed reviews for the black one but that emerald one is callin my name now! I hate stiff felt tips though. Grrrr. Thank you for letting me know, you’ve got great taste!

          • Caroline R says

            So do you! (for great taste lol) Thanks a lot.
            I never get tired of reading you blog or watching your YT channel! You’re one of my favourites, love you sporits, personality etc. LOOOOOVE your product junkieness lol.
            I’m thinking of starting a blog myself. I have a YT channel but very few (un-interesting) videos on there.

            Talking of products, have you ever gotten into Estée Lauder? Just bought some items this week (day/night serum, day cream and eye cream) and her products work GREAT! Well, for the price, it better do lol

            As for the Aqua liner, i’m wearing the black one today again and i’m still not 100% convinced….

            How can i track when someone replies to my comments? Sometimes i forget where i posted a comment and don’t know when you answered or not. Is there an option i’m missing?

          • says

            thanks so much for reading the blog and yt videos! i have a few estee lauder things. most of it is from the CCO at a discount:) i am not sure how to track comments. i am such a technical loooooooser! sorry!

  3. Kiyoko says

    I have a trip to Sephora coming up (to spend a birthday gift card- yay!!) but I am going to swatch them and see how they are because I have been eyeing them as well! ; ) I’ll let you know Crystal

    • says

      Let me know what you think, I got to test them out a week ago and I was a little worried by how long they took to dry when I swatched the liners on my arm.

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